Xfinity Taps Bugha and Other Stars for ‘Team Xfinity’ – The Esports Observer

Broadband service provider Xfinity has announced Team Xfinity, a team comprised of top esports players and content creators helping to promote the positive elements of the internet service provider’s offerings. 

Financial terms of the partnerships with individuals streamers and creators were not disclosed.

Team Xfinity is comprised of such streamers as Bugha, BasicallyIDoWrk, JoshOG, Elspeth, TheMavShow, Ekuegan, and IAmBrandon. 

Team members will create special content, partake in sponsored streams and other marketing and promotional campaigns. Team Xfinity will support the company’s “product offerings and brand moments” through social media, digital, and online video advertising.  

Xfinity has worked with several esports organizations and gaming companies in the past including Activision Blizzard as a presenting sponsor of the Overwatch League and for Call of Duty-related activations, ESL Gaming, and Evil Geniuses.

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