How do slot machines work?

How to Play Slot Machines

The secret of slot machines is something that has always been a topic of conversation among friends and acquaintances. With the rise of online platforms such as, the interest in slot machines and games of chance has grown even more, and they continue to be the most popular game of chance in casinos. Are you one of those who play from time to time in your trusted online casino but do not know how slots work? Here we tell you all about it.

Charles Fey Liberty Bell Slot Machine

The basic rules of slots had not changed since 1899 when Charles Fay created the first one. In the traditional slot machines, the player inserts a coin into the machine and spins a set of reels with different symbols. Each reel stops randomly, and if when it stops, all three reels have the same symbol, the player wins. Winnings are calculated according to the winning symbol.

Nowadays, slot machines in online casinos do not have these three reels, but the symbols are generated by computer. However, the principle of virtual slots’ operation remains exactly the same: the fact that the outcome is random. An online slot works with a complicated software known as RNG, i.e., “random number generator”. This software does make sure that all the results displayed on the slot machine are totally random, i.e., the result that comes out after one spin has no influence on the result that will come out in the following spins. The numbers are never prepared, so any luck you have is a matter of chance.

starburst slot

The process is quite easy, isn’t it? Well, you have to keep another thing in mind if you want to win at this popular game of chance: “player winnings”. The next time you are looking for an online casino to play free slots, you have to look for a casino with a player win rate of 96 – 98%. The higher the percentage, the better for you. But what are the player’s winnings? It is the percentage obtained by dividing the total money a player wins by the total money he/she bet. For example, if the player’s profit of a game is 96%, it means that if you have 1,000 euros, you play 1,000 times, and each time you bet 1 euro, the money you should end up with at the end would be approximately 960 euros. If it is 98%, you will end up with 980 euros. Do you understand why the player should find a game with the highest possible player winnings?

Now that you know the secret about how slot machines work, it’s time to try your luck. If you are more interested in gambling games other than slots, at online casinos like you can find some that interest you more. Finally, remember to always play with measure and caution and withdraw when you see that your lucky streak is over. Knowing how to withdraw in time is a victory.