Pokemon Go: Last Chance To Catch Darkrai

We’re in the final week of Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2019 event, which means this is your last chance to catch a variety of special Pokemon. That includes the Mythical Pokemon Darkrai, which is scheduled to leave Raid Battles the day the event ends, on November 1.

Until then, you’ll still be able to encounter Darkrai in five-star Raids. This is the first time the Mythical Pokemon has appeared in Go, and there’s no telling when it’ll return to the game, so you don’t want to miss your chance to add one to your collection. Before you can catch Darkrai, however, you’ll need to team up with other players to battle it.

Before Darkrai leaves Raids, the Mythical Pokemon will star in another Legendary Raid Hour. This Wednesday, October 30, nearly every Gym in your area will host Darkrai Raids from 6-7 PM local time, making that your best opportunity to capture one. You can find tips for taking the Mythical Pokemon on in our Darkrai Raid guide.

Following Darkrai’s departure on November 1, the Legendary Regi trio will return to Raids until November 4, and this time around, you’ll have a chance to catch their Shiny forms. Regigigas will debut in EX Raids later in the month but if you don’t want to wait until then, Niantic is hosting a “Colossal Discovery” Special Research event featuring the Legendary on November 2. However, until most other Special Research quests, you need to buy a virtual ticket to participate in this event.

Shortly after the Regi trio leaves Raids again, Pokemon Go’s November Community Day will take place. The event falls on Saturday, November 16–the day after Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on Nintendo Switch–and features Chimchar, the Fire-type starter from Diamond and Pearl.

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