10 Best Steel-Types In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet welcome some of the series' most beloved Pokemon to the Paldean Pokedex along with a host of fresh, adorable new Steel-type faces to add to our teams. The introduction of the new Titan Pokemon adds a ripple to the Steel-type hierarchy with some surprisingly strong contenders for the crown.

While you can only catch normal-sized versions of Titan Pokemon, they pack a punch that presents a problem for trainers that thought they finally settled on a Steel-type for their team in Scarlet & Violet. Alongside the entirely new additions are some upgrades to pre-existing Pokemon via new forms or additional evolutions that are a bit more nuanced than a simple level-up.

10/10 Orthworm

Orthworm's ridiculously wide, cheesy smile and cartoonish face give it perhaps the easiest design to laugh about in Paldea. As a pure Steel-type, this worm will only be vulnerable to Fire, Ground, and Fighting-type Pokemon, so it presents a fairly defensive Physical wall with its 145 base Defense and almost a dozen resistances and immunities.

While it definitely will be able to tank a hit, you won't be striking much fear into your opponents with this goofy worm, as its offensive stats are about intimidating as its design. If you need some comic relief on your team and are missing a Steel-type, this Pokemon may be perfect for you.

9/10 Revaroom

Revaroom and its pre-evolution, Varoom, are two Paldean Pokemon modeled after car engines, perhaps reigniting the discussion about object-based Pokemon design choices.

Regardless of their similarity to real life, these Steel- and Poison-type Pokemon offer a great type combination and several memorable moments. Once you've stormed the gates of a Team Star base, you'll encounter a boss Revaroom trained by one of the five colorful leaders. Each encounter presents a tough, strategic battle infused with a sprinkling of dialogue from your crafty opponents.

8/10 Corviknight

Once you level up your Corvisquire to level 38, you'll be able to enjoy the Paldean return of fan-favorite Corviknight. Though you won't need to take advantage of Fly to get around the map these days, this Steel- and Flying-type bird brings plenty of combat prowess to the table instead.

Corviknight's excellent bulk will keep it around to absorb some swipes from the hardest hitters in Paldea while striking back with access to solid Steel moves like Iron Head, and Flying-type options like Brave Bird.

7/10 Copperajah

Everyone's favorite enormous Steel-type elephant still holds up nicely against its Paldean competition with its mammoth 130 base Attack stat. However, as a region littered with an overwhelming amount of Physical attackers, Copperajah faces stiff competition for your Steel-type slot.

Its Defense, Special Defense, and Speed stats are in dire straits, so you'll be hard-pressed to take a hit against Super Effective or over-leveled competition without losing most of your HP. That being said, Copperajah, does have a large HP stat to compensate, so feel free to give it a try if you've got the strategic chops to out-predict opposing trainers.

6/10 Scizor

Since its inception, Scizor has been a vicious threat in both competitive tournaments and while progressing through the game's story. Scizor does face some stylistic and Bug-type competition from newcomer Lokix, a Dark and Bug-type that shares a similarly slender, humanoid appearance.

On the Steel-type front, Scizor still shreds with Bullet Punch and Iron Head access, giving it plenty of utility against many adversaries, though it's exceptionally vulnerable to Fire, so you should try to counter that with your Tera Type if possible.

5/10 Lucario

The dazzling Aura Pokemon, Lucario edges Scizor in defensive utility and keeps pace with access to several great moves across both its Fighting- and Steel-types. You'll find plenty of Riolu wandering around, though keep your eyes peeled as their small stature and dark color scheme can sometimes obscure them from sight.

You should be able to access this amazing evolution early in the game if you make it a point to seek out a Soothe Bell as you aim to raise its friendship level. Luckily, the early portion of the game will present a plethora of easy-to-beat enemies, affording you the opportunity to strengthen your bond with Riolu quickly.

4/10 Tinkaton

The Tinkaton line makes a serious argument for the cutest Pokemon in Paldea and also carries a hard-hitting hammer to crush her competition — a perfect combination. Her Fairy- and Steel-typing are exceptionally useful defensive tools that will allow you to switch in for free against several enemies, especially Dragon-type Pokemon.

Tinkaton even boasts a respectable 74 base Defense and superb 105 Special Defense that ensures its survival while a great Speed stat allows you to lay into your opponent quickly with some Super Effective hits while mitigating most of what they can throw back at you. Even if its balanced stat spread doesn't blow you away, who doesn't love an adorable Fairy-type with a giant hammer?

3/10 Kingambit

Kingambit is the newly introduced third form in the Pawniard and Bisharp line, further augmenting these already-powerful Steel- and Dark-type Pokemon with out-of-this-world stats. Kingambit is blessed with three triple-digit stats, boasting 100 HP, 135 Attack, and 120 Defense, an excellent physically-focused triumvirate.

However, be aware that evolving Bisharp into Kingambit utilizes a new method of evolution that beginners should be aware of. You will need to evolve your Bisharp by defeating an opposing Bisharp that is leading a group of Pawniard, while both your Bisharp and the enemy are holding Leader's Crests.

2/10 Iron Treads

This Violet-exclusive Paradox Pokemon offers a funky, futuristic re-imagination of Donphan. While you cannot catch the Titan version of Iron Treads, you can return to the spot you defeated it to catch a regular-sized version.

Iron Treads comes with an impressive move pool and sky-high stat spread totalling an incredible 570, highlighted by 112 Attack, 120 Defense, and 106 Speed that make it one of the most aggressive Steel-type options without sacrificing its ability to tank hits like fellow Steel elephant, Copperajah.

1/10 Gholdengo

While it's easy to miss Gimmighoul hiding in a corner, you won't want to miss out on its exceptionally strong evolution, Gholdengo, as this goofy Gold Pokemon is a monster. While its base stat total doesn't soar quite as high as Iron Treads, Gholdengo specializes in Special Attack, boasting 133 to rival all-time greats like Alakazam.

With HP, Speed, and defenses that all hover around 90, Gholdengo possesses few weaknesses, including only four types that deal Super Effective damage to it, along with a host of resistances for this Ghost- and Steel-type juggernaut. While it is limited by its level-up move pool, access to several useful TMs makes Gholdendgo a must-try Pokemon once you get the 999 coins needed to evolve it.

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