10 Digimon That Don’t Show Up In Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive, the visual novel and strategy JRPG hybrid that Digimon fans have eagerly anticipated for years, is finally available on all modern platforms except mobile. Due to the visual novel portion being around 70 percent of the game, Digimon Survive has a smaller roster than past Digimon games, with only 113 Digimon total.

While Agumon is the main character Takuma's partner, the seven other Digimon that were partners in the Digimon Adventure anime series appear as recruitable Digimon. But in limiting the roster to only 113 Digimon, many didn't make the cut, with some omissions being more surprising than others.

10 Veedramon

Veedramon first debuted in the 1998 manga Digimon V-Tamer 01 and has appeared in various virtual pet devices and games since, but has never appeared in any Digimon anime series. In some of its appearances, Veedramon can even digivolve from Agumon, meaning it could have been used as one of Agumon's Champion level forms in Digimon Survive and replaced one of the others.

Even if Veedramon isn't one of Agumon's digivolutions, it could have still been included as a recruitable Digimon. Still, for some reason, Veedramon is never as important as it once was, except for its appearances in Digimon World RE: Digitize Decode and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

9 Regulumon

Regulumon, the Ultimate level digivolved form of Panjyamon, also known as IceLeomon in some media, made its first appearance in the Digimon V-tamer 01 manga. Despite Panjyamon appearing in a handful of Digimon video games, Regulumon has not yet appeared in any, including Digimon Survive.

You would think after over two decades that Regulumon would be included as a digivolution for Panjyamon, since it would help differentiate it from the Leomon line and give it another Mega level option besides SaberLeomon. For now, Regulumon will have to stay manga exclusive until it finally gets its chance to appear in a game.

8 SnowAgumon

SnowAgumon has been around since at least the first Digimon World game and has made appearances here and there, but it doesn't get much love compared to its fiery mascot counterpart. SnowAgumon's digivolution tree is all over the place, and Digimon Survive would have provided the chance to streamline it with the digivolutions that would make the most sense.

If SnowAgumon had replaced Agumon, its digivolution branches in the game might have been more interesting, and fans would still be familiar with it because it is still a species of Agumon, only one that's different from what they might be used to.

7 DemiDevimon

DemiDevimon is an Evil Digimon and had a starring role in the Digimon Adventure anime series as one of Myotismon's lackeys. DemiDevimon also happens to be able to digivolve into Devimon and Myotismon. Despite MarineDevimon specifically appearing as a recruitable Digimon in Digimon Survive, no other Devimon is present in the game, including DemiDevimon itself.

Since Etemon and Piedmon are obtainable Digimon in the game and are two other Digimon that Digimon Adventure fans are familiar with due to their status as villains in the anime series, it's shocking that the main Digimon from the older Devimon digovolution line was not included.

6 Terriermon

Although Terriermon's twin Lopmon is part of the main cast as the Digimon partner of Shuuji, Terriermon itself is nowhere to be seen, not even as a wild recruitable Digimon. This is odd as Lopmon and Terriermon are often seen together in various Digimon media, including the Digimon Adventure 02: Hurricane Landing/The Golden Digimentals and Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna anime movies, as well as the Digimon Tamers anime series.

This pair of bunny-like Digimon have also shared digivolution trees in past Digimon games, so it makes the decision to specifically exclude Terriermon from Digimon Survive even more baffling.

5 GeoGreymon

An alternate digivolution path for Agumon that was introduced in the Digimon Data Squad anime series, known as Digimon Savers in Japan, included GeoGreymon, RizeGreymon, ShineGreymon, ShineGreymon Burst Mode, and ShineGreymon Ruin Mode. Despite a branching digivolution tree and the presence of the original Greymon digivolution line from the Digimon Adventure anime series, no Digimon from the GeoGreymon digivolution line makes an appearance.

It's entirely possible that the GeoGreymon line was seen as too repetitive to be part of Agumon's digivolution tree from Digimon Survive, and that is probably why the devs opted to include other less popular dinosaur Digimon instead.

4 Burgermon

Burgermon has appeared in the Digimon anime series twice, first in Digimon Frontier and more recently in the Digimon Adventure reboot alongside the new french fry-obsessed Digimon, Potamon. Burgermon digivolves from Torikaraballmon and digivolves into a Champion form, also called Burgermon, but has no other proper digivolutions.

Burgermon has not yet appeared in any Digimon video games, but its fresh shrimp counterpart EbiBurgermon did appear in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth as a medal. Including Burgermon in Digimon Survive could have finally been the chance to give it proper Ultimate and Mega level forms, or even several branching ones, but it looks like it'll have to wait even longer.

3 Pulsemon

Pulsemon first debuted in 2018 with the Japanese launch of the first Digimon Vital Bracelets, which are basically Fitbits that let you raise a Digimon. As the roster for Digimon Survive was likely finalized in 2018, since it was once believed it would launch in 2019, this probably explains why Pulsemon and its digivolutions were not included.

It's a real shame too, as Pulsemon already has a branching digivolution tree based on their partner's physical activity. As of writing, Pulsemon and its digivolutions have not yet appeared in any Digimon media outside of the Vital Bracelets, but it probably will someday.

2 Herissmon

Herrismon made its debut in the 2018 Digimon ReArise mobile game as the player's partner. Although ReArise was shut down in 2022, Herissmon has not yet appeared in any other Digimon media. Unlike many other Digimon, Herrismon does not have a branching digivolution path in its debut game.

Including Herissmon in Digimon Survive could have introduced fans to a branching digivolution path and could have introduced fans who didn't get the chance to play Digimon ReArise to Herissmon itself. Hopefully, Herrismon and its digivolutions will appear in another Digimon game sooner rather than later, since they currently aren't available in any.

1 Gammamon

Since the roster for Digimon Survive was finalized in 2018, three years before Digimon: Ghost Game had started airing, Gammamon does not make an appearance. Although it was unlikely that Gammamon would be included in Digimon Survive, interestingly enough, it does already have a branching digivolution line, at least for its Champion level forms.

Because of how new Gammamon and its digivolutions are, they have not appeared in any Digimon media outside of Digimon: Ghost Game and the Digimon Vital Bracelets, but it wouldn't be surprising to see them appear in Digimon games in the near future.

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