10 Elden Ring Ghosts And Their Grim Fates

It's pretty easy to die in Elden Ring. If you've spent much time wandering around the Lands Between, you have probably encountered a few ghosts. The spirits of deceased residents of the areas can be seen scattered about, loitering around their places of death and recounting what had been going through their heads just before their demise. They came from all walks of life and had all manner of intentions, but the hazards and monsters of the Lands Between don't discriminate.

A few seem to tell some rather interesting stories if you're willing to spend a bit of time listening. Some might give a few plot details, a few useful clues, and others are just darkly funny. It's often worth checking in on what they have to say, in case what got them gets you too.

10 The Hider Of Fort Laiedd

"They'll never find me. Heh heh, I'll survive it, I swear. I'll soon be back at Volcano Manor."

This ghostly figure is more likely to be heard than seen — well, as much as the grey area of subtitles permits. Wandering around Fort Laiedd on Mount Gelmir, it is possible to detect dialogue from some unknown source.

Checking around will reveal a spirit huddled on the outside of the battlements, still convinced he has evaded detection. Apparently one of Lady Tanith's circle, he is certain he'll soon be back at Volcano Manor. Evidently, he wasn't quite as good at hiding as he thought.

9 Unlucky Gladiator

"All I wanted was to fight. To fight, as a warrior, to the last… So, Why? Why, O guidance of grace, will this door not open?"

A spirit can be found, sitting against the door of the arena area in Limgrave, sulking over his situation.

An apparent eager competitor in the arenas, which were in active use in the era of Godfrey, it appears that the would-be warrior turned up to the contest after the places had been abandoned. Still committed, he perhaps starved to death waiting for them to open. At least he perfectly captures the mood of waiting for a release date.

8 The Doomed Dragon Hunter

"I'm dry, dry as a bone… Fool dragon, surrender your strength. Let me feast on your heart."

Out in the lonely wilds of Dragonbarrow, this individual can be seen in a crawling position on the ground, lamenting his thirst. It appears he died from dehydration during his journey. For those who've killed a dragon, and found the church or cathedral of the Dragon Communion, this makes perfect sense.

Even in the dire straights of his final hours, the man was apparently still fixated on his goal: to eat the heart of a dragon, and gain powers through the Dragon Communion. You can't accuse him of not being driven.

7 Kenneth's Subject

"The demi-humans wax wroth, now their mother's been taken. Where are you Lord Kenneth? The knight… bedeviled by blood."

This mournful fellow can be found near Fort Haight. His fate may have either been sealed by the mad knight and his lackies inside the castle, or by the enraged demi-humans trying to get in. Judging by his placement, the latter is the most likely culprit.

He calls out for the Lord of the Manor, Kenneth Haight, to come and help him. Kenneth, unfortunately, ran off to go and stand on an archway, looking for someone else to do the heavy lifting. The faith of this spirit may have been a little misplaced.

6 The Noble Of Morne

"Please, help me. I'm of noble blood.If those hideous mongrels eat me, I'll be forever marred…Anything but that, please! Think of the disgrace!"

A displeased phantom is locked in a cage in the upper parts of Castle Morne. The Misbegotten that have overrun the castle has dispatched most of the human residents, and this fellow does not seem to be an exception.

Trapped in a moment awaiting his fate, he seems far less concerned with the fact that his death is imminent, and far more concerned that the death in question is not up to his standards. He is really worried that being killed by Misbegotten might harm his status. He definitely has his priorities.

5 The Desperate Albinauric

"This village is done for. Please, even if it's just you, old Albus, hide well and still your breath."

This unfortunate can be found in the sacked Village of Albinaurics. Most likely one of the casualties of the atrocities committed by a certain individual in search of the Haligtree Medallion, he and many other albinaurics met a brutal end.

His thoughts aren't on his own death, instead, he hopes for the safety of the lone sane survivor, Old Albus. Maybe the albinaurics were one of the few settlements of decent people left until someone came after their secret.

4 Mohgwyn Devotee

"Lord of Blood, your eminence. I beg you, grant me a seat at the table of the dynasty. Long live the Mohgwyn Dynasty. Long live! The Mohgwyn Dynasty!"

This ghost is knelt on a bridge in Nokron, at a dead-end in the road, his hands reaching desperately toward the distant shape of Mohgwyn Palace. The man clearly thought he might reach it from that bridge, and join up with Mohg's retinue.

Given what Mohg's groupies get up to when showing their devotion, it's probably for the greater good that he probably starved to death on a broken bridge.

3 Windmill Village Victim

"Eek… I hear a festive melody… No, no, don't skin me… My hide is filthy, I swear…"

Curled up in a ball inside Dominula, Windmill Village, you can find this wretched individual. He is clearly terrified of something, more unsettlingly he is certain that the thing in question wants to take his skin. Taking a look around Dominula, this adds an even more concerning edge to the already thoroughly creepy scenes of dancing hags in flower crowns.

Whether it's the cleaver-wielding celebrants or the Apostle at the top of the hill that wanted his hide is unclear, though neither sound like pleasant ways to go.

2 Unfortunate Liurnian

"Ahh, the puppets… The puppets besiege us…"

This spirit is huddled by a road in Liurnia of the Lakes, surrounded by the wreckage of a battle. He is cowering in fear of 'the puppets', more than likely the marionette soldiers that can be seen patrolling the roads.

These sorcerer-made constructs with weird jerky movements and too many arms totally justify that kind of reaction. It's easy to assume that he was one of those trying to move into Raya Lucarian territories and met far more than he bargained for.

1 The Grape Connoisseur

" Maiden, dear maiden, where are you? Please, take my grapes."

Squatting below the throne room in Stormveil Castle, this character, at first glance seems very preoccupied with gifting grapes to women. That is rather peculiar, but examination of the shabriri grape next to him will reveal that the fruit he is intent on gifting is actually human eyes.

With it passing into the Tarnished's possession, you can carry on the tradition if you like, and gift the grape to a certain maiden. Though, why on earth would you want to do something like that?

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