10 Things You Didn’t Notice In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo has unveiled a gameplay trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Switch launch title, Breath of the Wild. The trailer, clocking in at just over two minutes, gives us our best look yet at the new monsters, locations, and gameplay elements present in this direct sequel.

With so many fascinating details and newly revealed additions present in this most recent footage, it's easy to miss some of the exciting new elements that the trailer reveals. Here are a few things that might have slipped under your radar in this latest look at Tears of the Kingdom.

10 There Are New Glowing Towers Around Hyrule

One notable aspect of the trailers for Tears of the Kingdom has been the distinct lack of Breath of the Wild's Sheikah technology. Everything from the shrines littering the landscape to the game's massive towers seems to be missing from all the footage we've seen of the sequel. Despite this, you may not have noticed that this gameplay trailer showcases a few distinct towers of its own scattered around the scenery.

These large towers are definitely different from those seen in the previous game, with unique architecture and glowing spotlights surrounding them, but some shots of the structures show that they also feature a similar orange glow resonating from within. Only time will tell if these newer towers serve the same purpose as the ones in Breath of the Wild.

9 There's A Three-Headed Dragon On The Bridge Of Hylia

In one of the early shots of the trailer, we can see the Bridge of Hylia, the massive bridge that spans the entire length of Lake Hylia. Most of this is familiar territory to those who've played the previous game, but one creature stands out – an ominous, three-headed dragon standing at the end of the bridge.

While there are no three-headed dragons present in Breath of the Wild, Link has faced off against similar creatures across The Legend of Zelda's history. Most notably, the first title in the series featured a boss named Gleeok, a similar three-headed dragon that is only defeated by the removal of its many heads. If that's the same creature, it would be making its 3D debut after being seen in various 2D titles, much like the Lynels of the previous game.

8 There Is A Large Cyclone Swirling Above Hyrule

There is a storm raging in many of the shots shown in the trailer, but a particular portion of this raging storm is worth taking note of: a large cyclone hovering above Hyrule in the clouds. It doesn't appear to reach the land but is nonetheless seen in multiple different shots.

With the game's sky islands being such an important part of the experience, a persistent cyclone like this swirling in the clouds is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Who knows what kind of havoc it could wind up causing to both the floating islands above Hyrule and the land below.

7 There Are Spirits Scattered On The Ground

A few shots from Tears of the Kingdom appear to take place underground, in caves and caverns. In one particular portion of the footage, next to a handful of Bokoblins that appear to be mining, you can clearly see what looks like spirits floating around on the ground.

Spirits have always played a big role in the lore of the Zelda series, and in Breath of the Wild, similar floating orbs of energy can be seen hovering around the various deceased characters you meet, such as King Rhoam. Since nothing interacts with these particular spirits, it's hard to say what their purpose in this game may be.

6 Redeads Are Back

During one of the more ominous shots in the trailer, the game's villain – presumably the threatening voice of Gannondorf – can be heard commanding his minions to raze Hyrule and destroy the kingdom. We see various enemies manifested through bursts of malice, but one in particular certainly stands out.

An undead-looking creature that wasn't present in the previous game can be spotted next to the various forms of Bokoblins in this cutscene. Due to its zombie-like physique and terrifying eyes, this may signify the return of Redeads, one of the series' scariest creatures. This new form certainly looks horrifying enough to live up to their legacy.

5 Vehicles Are Held Together By A Strange Green Substance

Possibly the most unexpected part of this trailer is the inclusion of various vehicles that Link can ride. Although the prior game's DLC saw the inclusion of a motorcycle for Link, that was technically a Divine Beast. These vehicles – including one that looks like a car, a hot air balloon, and a flying platform powered by propellors – seem to be pieced together from parts that are found throughout the world.

Interestingly, a close inspection of the brief footage of them shows that each contraption is stuck together by an unknown green substance. This mystery glue is just one of many similar elements that we see in the trailer.

4 There Are Homing Arrows Powered By The Mysterious Green Energy

Another instance of an unfamiliar green power appears as Link fires off an arrow in the direction of one of the new flying enemies we see in this footage. Link's shot glows green before he releases, and even though this round-tipped arrow is aimed off to the side of his enemy, it manages to home in on the creature and strike it.

Homing arrows aren't something we've seen Link use before, and it's worth noting that the glow that precedes his shot is similar to the one often emanating from his strange new arm. Could the powers granted to him by this arm be applied to various weapons you collect in the game?

3 You Can Rotate Portions Of The Floating Islands

Speaking of Link's damaged new arm, it can also be seen manipulating a rotating device on one of the sky islands. This device is similar to Breath of the Wild's rotating puzzles, although it's seen outside the confines of a shrine or Divine Beast.

What's interesting is that the mechanism seems to manipulate an entire portion of one of the floating islands that Link is exploring. This suggests that there will be parts of these islands that you can alter to explore further, potentially even changing the layout of the realm hovering over Hyrule.

2 The Giant Stone Creature Looks Like It's Made Of Zonai Technology

On top of one of the sky islands, Link is shown fighting with a large creature. This being is made of square boxes, connected by tendrils of glowing greenish-blue energy that binds his body together. These tendrils were also present in the green golem seen in older trailers for this direct Zelda sequel.

While this enemy appears to be something new created for Tears of the Kingdom, the designs and patterns on the boxes that make up its body seem very similar to the Zonai architecture found throughout Hyrule. The Zonai are a mysterious and ancient race, and the implication that they may have some connection to these floating islands is interesting, to say the least.

1 You Can See Portions Of The Floating Islands Falling

On the subject of the floating islands, we've seen footage in past trailers for Tears of the Kingdom that shows Link reversing the trajectory of falling debris, presumably leading back up to these sky islands. Large portions of the islands have also been spotted around Hyrule, crash-landed into the surface.

While that's intriguing in and of itself, you can actually spot a chunk of this debris that seems to be plummeting to the ground near the end of this gameplay trailer, leaving a trail of green energy behind it. We know that parts of these islands have fallen before, but could they be actively breaking apart even as you play the game? We'll have to get our hands on Tears of the Kingdom when it releases to find out.

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