12 Best Pokemon For A Weather Team

Weather effects have had a dominating presence in the competitive Pokemon scene ever since it could be summoned through a Pokemon's ability in generation three. Harsh Sunlight, Rain, Hail, and Sandstorm all have their own unique attributes, such as dealing gradual damage, changing move power and accuracy, increasing stats, and triggering certain abilities.

If you want to explore the world of weather in Pokemon, these Pokemon are going to be your best options. They fully take advantage of everything their particular weather has to offer. So grab your umbrella, hat, goggles, snow boots, tank top, scarf, thick jacket, and/or flip flops and dive on in!

12 Kyogre/Groudon

Groudon and Kyogre are truly in a class all their own. The box legendaries from Ruby and Sapphire are behemoths that can completely destroy other teams with ease. Slap a Choice Scarf on Kyogre, and it will hit teams with the most powerful Water Spout in the game. Or, if you're playing Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, try their primal forms. They're arguably the strongest legendaries of all time.

If you are planning to take advantage of weather, especially in VGC, these should be the first Pokemon you look at. But if you're looking for some other options, there are still a ton of great Pokemon that make the weather look good.

11 Alolan Ninetales

Hail is by far the weakest of the four weathers. Not only is the Ice-typing incredibly weak defensively, but two of its three setters are particularly weak. Vanilluxe is, overall, incredibly lackluster, and Abomasnow has one of the worst dual-typings in the game resulting in seven total weaknesses.

However, not everything looks grim for the hard rain! Alolan Ninetales takes advantage of Snow Warning with an incredibly high Special Defense and Speed. With these stats, Ninetales can set up Aurora Veil, a move that acts as both Reflect and Light Screen, very quickly. Plus, its decent Special Attack means that it can utilize moves like Blizzard, Freeze-Dry, and Moon Blast. This all makes Alolan Ninetales an incredibly support Pokemon, whether your team is built around weather or not.

10 Torkoal

For a long time, Torkoal was only remembered as Flannery's ace in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald – it didn't evolve and its stats weren't that great, except for its Defense. But ever since it got the Drought ability in Sun and Moon, it has become a staple of sun teams.

This is because of its incredible utility. Since it is so slow, Drought is more likely to take effect after another weather setter like Alolan Ninetales. This means that your team has more of a chance to execute its strategy sooner. Combine this with moves like Stealth Rock, Rapid Spin, and Lava Plume to burn, and you have a great support Pokemon. Looks like slow and steady won the race after all!

9 Venusaur

Kanto's strongest starter also happens to be the best sun sweeper in the entire game since its Hidden Ability Cholorophyll doubles its Speed under harsh sunlight. Not only does this mean that Venusaur gets to use great moves like Sleep Powder and Sludge Bomb faster than before, but it can also take advantage of Solar Beam since it doesn't need a charge turn under harsh sunlight.

What really makes Venusaur stand out from the likes of Leafeon and Shiftry is its Gigantamax form. Not only does this double Venusaur's bulk, but it also gets access to G-Max Vine Lash, which works like a Grass-type Fire Spin. This easily helps Venusaur maintain its status as the strongest of the original starters.

8 Tyranitar

Tyranitar is one of the rare pseudo legendaries that aren't a Dragon-type Pokemon. While its dual typing does invite the same amount of weaknesses as Abomasnow, Tyranitar is a monster with an incredible base stat total that includes a 134 base Attack and 110 base Defense.

What's more, the sandstorm summoned by Tyranitar actually makes it bulkier! Under sandstorm, Rock-type Pokemon have their Special Defense increased by 50 percent. This means that Tyranitar's Special Defense is now 150! It may have fallen off with the loss of Pursuit, by Tyranitar lives up to its kaiju inspiration.

7 Hippowdon

Unlike Tyranitar, Hippowdon doesn't really have an offensive presence. No, Hippowdown is all about being a defensive wall, and what an awesome wall it is! With access to Slack Off, Hippowdon can recover its massive HP and stick around much longer than any other weather setter out there.

Other than Slack Off, just teach Earthquake, Slack Off, and other support moves like Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, or Toxic. While this may seem lackluster, Hippowdon is actually one of the best weather Pokemon out there since it can easily be brought in and out of combat with its massive bulk.

6 Excadrill

Excadrill is the classic sand sweeper from Black and White, the premiere generation for weather tactics since all weather was permanent until new weather was introduced. And Excadrill is still the best physical weather sweeper in the game!

Excadrill's high Attack, combined with moves like Earthquake, Rock Slide, and Iron Head makes it a prime sweeper. Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock even give it some utility! However, it can be easily taken down by bulky physical walls like Corviknight and most Water-types. But if Excadrill can get going, it will leave most opponents in the dust.

5 Dracozolt

Water-types are a major threat to any sandstorm team, mainly because a majority of Pokemon that utilize Sandstorm are either Ground or Rock-type. If only there was some other option that could help these teams out!

That's where Dracozolt comes in. One of Sword and Shield's four fossil abominations, Dracozolt is particularly devastating due to its Hidden Ability Sand Rush, which doubles its Speed in sandstorms. Combine this with Bolt Beak, an Electric move that doubles in power when it goes first, and those previously mentioned walls and Water-types don't stand a chance! Combine this with Draco Meteor and Fire Blast, and you have a really powerful mixed sweeper.

4 Pelipper

The most successful and common weather is easily Rain. It's incredibly versatile and supports many different types, abilities, and moves. And there are only two options when it comes to rain setters: Politoed and Pelipper.

While Politoed has gotten worse over the years, Pelipper has only gotten better. It is decently bulky, has access to reliable recovery with Roost, and gets access to two ridiculously powerful moves during rain: Hydro Pump and Hurricane.

3 Kingdra

Most Pokemon that utilize rain have common weaknesses to Grass and Electric-type moves, so if you're going to have a sweeper, you'll need something that can handle those. A great option for this is Kingdra because its secondary Dragon-typing makes both of Water's weaknesses neutral.

But what makes Kingdra truly great is its moves. Just like Pelipper, it gets access to Hydro Pump and Hurricane making it absolutely devastating to opponents. Add onto this Draco Meteor, and truly no Pokemon can withstand its power. Just more proof that Clair is better than Lance.

2 Ludicolo

Here we have the only Pokemon weirder looking than Pelipper: Ludicolo! But don't let that look fool you. Ludicolo is one of the best Pokemon in water ever. This is not only because of its unique Water/Grass-typing but also because of its two great rain-based abilities.

Swift Swim doubles Ludicolo's speed making it a terrifying sweeper. On the other side of the watery coin, we have Rain Dish, which basically acts as Leftovers under the rain. So whether you want a sweeper or a special wall, Ludicolo is down to party.

1 Ferrothorn

Unlike every other Pokemon on this list, Ferrothorn doesn't have an ability that corresponds to weather. However, it does greatly benefit from both Rain and Sandstorm because of its Steel/Grass-typing.

Rain nullifies Ferrothorn's Fire-type weakness by cutting the damage output in half, meaning Ferrothorn has more time to set up entry hazards and wall opponents. Sandstorm may not add any benefits statistically, but Ferrothorn's Steel half prevents it from getting hurt. Plus, it can set up Leech Seed to further drain opponents of their HP. You can even make an argument for this thing being good in Hail! Just keep this sentient durian out of the Sun, and you'll be alright.

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