7 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Wow. That was something. The twists, the turns, the reveals, the obliteration of all fish life in the Wonderlands! Truly an experience, though incredible or traumatic is really up to how you felt about it.

The end of Gearbox’s Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands does a pretty good job wrapping up a lot of loose ends, especially when it comes to the Dragon Lord’s origins and motivations — even if the reveals were a little lackluster. However, there are some questions that weren’t answered as well, a few that weren’t answered at all, and others that Gearbox probably didn’t anticipate us asking. Like, is everyone in the Wonderlands now irradiated due to Torgue’s magic missiles?

7 Will Valentine Ever Get To Run His Campaign?

The charismatic Valentine once asked Tina if he could put on his own campaign after Tina’s was over. A request Tina fervently denied, saying she no longer plays Bunkers And Badasses as a player, and that she’s always the BM.

While Valentine’s idea was shot down in a blaze of glory just after it took flight, a B&B campaign with him at the helm sounds like an absolute riot. Imagine the story such a quest-loving player could come up with. Sadly, however, our imaginations may be where that campaign stays forever.

6 Will The Notetaker Ever Be Truly Appreciated?

Throughout the campaign, you discover notes left behind that surmise the intrepid adventures of you, the Fatemaker, and your journey through the Wonderlands. A parallel with these notes and note-takers in real-life tabletop role-playing games is that these notes are both impeccably kept, and horribly glanced over.

The Notetaker probably took hours meticulously writing out those campaign vignettes. Tina might have used them when she needed to recap what happened in a previous session. Valentine… well he probably didn’t even know note-taking was a thing. Hopefully, the Notetaker gets the reward they deserve, though they might think note-taking is its own reward.

5 Will Paladin Mike Ever Get To Attend Those Manners Lessons?

Now that the Dragon Lord is dealt with, the restless undead put to rest, and the majestic Queen Butt Stallion resurrected, will Paladin Mike get to attend those manners lessons? He seemed to be at least a little interested in them, and one cannot be the shining beacon of hope they want to be if they never learn which fork goes to which salad.

It wouldn’t be so hard for him, either. He already has the loyalty thing on lock. Though, refraining from his temper and cursing may prove to be a bit more difficult.

4 Will Bones Three Woods Ever Pay His Penance?

A terrible fate befell Bones Three Wood and his crew, obtaining the seemingly incurable disease no one would wish on their worst enemy: plot armor. Surely the mention of such a disease makes your skin crawl.

However, there is hope. If Bones can serve his penance, whatever that is, he may be able to save himself and his crew from their gruesome fate of immortality. Did the Fatemaker ever go back and help old Bones? Will Tina ever give him the rest he so diligently seeks?

3 Will Tina Use The Dragon Lord In Another Campaign?

Few things were better in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands than Will Arnett’s Dragon Lord. While the reveal may have been a tad lacking, learning that the Dragon Lord was once the Dragon Knight, Tina’s first character for Bunkers And Badasses, who was left abandoned in her Wonderland after he turned evil, was definitely an interesting twist.

Tina has used the Dragon Lord as a villain in more than one campaign, his rule over the undead plaguing the Wonderlands for who knows how long. The real question is, though, does that ever stop? Will Tina make a new villain for future Fatemakers to do glorious battles with, or will the Dragon Lord be forced to return yet again?

2 Will Tina Ever Play Bunkers And Baddasses Again?

Tina alludes to Valentine when he asks to run a campaign of his own that she doesn’t play Bunkers And Badasses anymore, unless she’s the bunker master of course. But now, after your heroic campaign, and the bonds you, Valentine, Frette, and Tina now have, will she change her mind?

Maybe, maybe not. It seems Tina may have a little more to unpack if she hopes to get over the Dragon Knight’s fall to evil and rise to Dragon Lord. Though, perhaps someone else’s campaign is the best way to unpack that baggage. It has to start somewhere, and hearing Ashly Burch voice Tina going through your emotions would be incredible!

1 What’s Next For Gearbox?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands put a fresh coat of paint on the Borderlands series. The typical post-apocalyptic, drab space settings are replaced by wondrous locations like giant beanstalks, grand castles, and flowing rivers of orange soda. Not only that, but incredibly fun spells, multiclassing, and a ton more really set Wonderlands as an evolution on the Borderlands formula.

So what’s next? Is Borderlands 4 under production, or is Gearbox thinking about taking the series further down the rabbit hole? Will they branch into even more ridiculous settings, like a Borderlands-esque horror game? Horrorlands, anyone? Whatever it is, hopefully the lessons they learned from Tiny Tina’s adventure will inspire them moving forward.

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