7 Things The Original Zelda Still Does Better Than Breath Of The Wild

Words simply cannot describe the impact The Legend of Zelda has had on gaming. It is not just the debut entry in the franchise, either. Several games in the storied series have created trends and set examples so many other games try to follow. Even though there are more than 30 years between the debut entry and Breath of the Wild, so much of the DNA from the original is evident in the relatively new game.

In fact, some might even argue Breath of the Wild is the closest the franchise has come to capturing the NES game's feeling in 3D. With this being said, there are still quite a few things some fans prefer about the original that are absent from Breath of the Wild. The entries below have been brought up time and time again. Maybe Breath of the Wild's sequel, set for release in 2023, will address some of these and bring what fans love about the original Legend of Zelda into the 21st century.

7 Dungeons

Breath of the Wild has a massive world to explore, filled with little secrets you organically stumble upon. There are even shrines with small challenges to accomplish. However, none of this can replace a good old-fashioned dungeon. Fans seriously miss this about the 2017 title.

The closest Breath of the Wild comes to dungeons are the Divine Beasts Link has to traverse, in order to harness their power and defeat Calamity Ganon. Legend of Zelda established dungeons as an integral part of its formula, and their design in the original still holds up.

6 It Starts Right Away

To be completely fair to Breath of the Wild, its intro is excellently designed and brief, especially when compared to other modern open-world games. All the same, the original game throws you into the world immediately after exiting the title screen.

This lack of any opening cinematic or instruction is what people love about the legendary game and retro gaming in general. The joy of play is not bogged down by having to watch cutscenes or accomplish a goal given to you by an NPC.

5 Structure

Breath of the Wild has a very simple goal, established in the beginning of the game. You are free to spend as much time as you need to free the Divine Beasts. The game gives you nothing more in terms of where to go, and the open world is open to you. The debut entry tasks you with discovering and conquering a series of dungeons, adding a little more meat to the bones.

Depending on the type of gamer you are, you might prefer being given a few more tasks that need to be done in order to beat the game. You also have to do more to discover these dungeons, rather than their locations being immediately evident on the map.

4 Difficulty

Breath of the Wild is not a terribly difficult game. The debut entry, on the other hand, is hard for multiple reasons. For one, it comes from a different era, and lacks many conventions and conveniences that make modern games more accessible and streamlined.

Even by the standards of its time, it is a brutally difficult title both due to its combat and the obtuse nature of its world. This is just what gamers love about it, however. If you want a game that pushes back and makes you work toward progress, then the original Legend of Zelda is right for you

3 Items Are More Important

Because you can beat Breath of the Wild without doing much of the content available and it is an overall easier game, discoveries and items feel less important.

The runes also replace many of the items that were once so important in the series. In the original Legend of Zelda, every discovery and advantage you obtain feels so important because of how much it helps. Not every path leads to something, so when you do find one it is an especially victorious moment.

2 Music

Koji Kondo's score for The Legend of Zelda is just as impactful to culture as other aspects of the game. Every gamer can recall the game's melodies, and even those who are not into the medium can still hum the tunes. Breath of the Wild has great music as well, but its function is wholly different.

It is significantly more ambient and minimalist. It still is impressive and stands above most other soundtracks, but nothing can match the impact of hearing the melodies in their original 8-bit form and having them seared into our memories.

1 Simplicity

Breath of the Wild is fairly intuitive. However, some people still cannot wrap their minds around any modern control scheme regardless of how simple it is. This is another area where the original comes out on top.

By virtue of the NES having a controller with significantly fewer buttons, it is easier for even the most inexperienced gamers to grasp the controls and mechanics in the debut entry. This might seem counter to the game's increased difficulty over Breath of the Wild, but being able to understand the basics like movement and combat will at least give people a chance to explore.

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