8 Games To Play If You Like Steelrising

Steelrising is an exciting new entry into the soulslike genre. But while its inspirations are pretty plain to see, it is so much more than just a shrewd initiation of From Software's distinct style of game. For starters, it is a game that takes place in an alternate version of France during the French Revolution.

This setting isn't just set dressing either; you will interact with famous historical figures from this era. Needless to say, history buffs are eating. Meanwhile, it also fully embraces a steampunk aesthetic, though with fewer goggles than you would expect. But what are you supposed to play after you finish this delightful romp? Well, we've got a few suggestions for you, my friend.

8 The Surge 2

If what you loved most about Steelrising was smashing robots in a soulslike, then the Surge 2 is absolutely the game for you. Does that seem like a pretty superficial connection? Maybe. But at the end of the day, the truth is that the two games definitely have some broad similarities.

This is another game that features a fictionalized version of the real world, but as a fun twist, this one is set in the future. While we think there are games that capture the spirit of Steelrising better, this is the one that will let you crush robots with a giant hammer. And hey, it is just an all-around fun game, so it has that going for it as well.

7 BioShock

If you are looking for an alternate take on the past with some fun steam-punk influences, then BioShock is a fantastic fit. While the two titles may not play similarly, they both deliver environments that feel central to their respective games and are utterly captivating.

One of the thrills of exploring the world of Steelrising is getting to wander around some magnificently crafted stages and take in the majesty that is Parisian architecture from the late 1700s. BioShock provides similar thrills to those who are big fans of the lavish Art Deco aesthetic. From a gameplay perspective, the similarities are minimal, but from an aesthetic perspective, you may just find that they deliver similar thrills.

6 Greedfall

Greedfall plays more like The Witcher 3 than it does Dark Souls, but fans of Steelrising will probably find that there is something oddly familiar when it comes to the feel of Greedfall. Which shouldn't be surprising, as it was made by the same development team: Spiders. Both titles were very clearly crafted with genuine respect for their settings.

Greedfall is a particularly good fit if you want a narrative with a little more meat on its bones. Ultimately, both games clearly relish their setting, and both are an absolute delight for history fans. While Greedfall isn't set in the real world, it is heavily inspired by it. If you are looking for another romp through a fictionalized 17th century, Greedfall is the game for you.

5 Demon's Souls

For our first FromSoftware recommendation, we have to go right back to the beginning to the legendary Demon's Souls. This is the game that kicked off the entire genre. And it is pretty obvious that Steelrising very clearly takes a lot of influence from it. Everything from how the combat is structured, to how the world is laid out, seems to harken directly back to Demon's Souls. While Steelrising doesn't have the hub area, the carriage seems like a streamlined version of it.

Even the way you clear out the different settings, only to come back later to go another layer deeper, feels very similar to how Demon's Souls' levels were structured. If you like Steelrising, and you haven't played Demon's Souls, then we can't recommend it enough. As an added benefit, while it is definitely a bump up in difficulty, it is still one of the easier FromSoftware games. So it can help ease you in. Oh, and as the cherry on top, a gorgeous remake was recently released for the PlayStation 5. So you can play a shiny version of this classic.

4 Dishonored

When it comes to games that have done the steampunk setting justice, it is hard to think of a franchise that has done it better than the Dishonored series. These titles provide a Victorian-esque world that melds the antiquated with the technologically advanced, while also prominently displaying how these technological advancements have done nothing to lift the typical citizen out of squaller.

While these are not games that play particularly similarly (unless you tried to play Steelrising like a stealth game, that is), they both do a great job contrasting the opulent with the impoverished. For setting alone, Dishonored is certainly worth your attention.

3 Nioh

While the Nioh games very clearly take quite a bit of inspiration from FromSoftware's Souls series, that is far from being the only point of comparison with Steelrising. Nioh is set in a fictionalized version of the Sengoku era. While Steelrising's France has been overrun by Automats, Nioh's Japan has been overrun by Oni. To a similarly gory result, unfortunately.

Another point of comparison is how both Nioh and Steelrising incorporate historical figures. In Nioh you will be aided by Hatori Hanzo, and cross swords with Oda Nobunaga. On top of all of that, the Nioh games play extremely well. They are some of the slickest games around. If you enjoyed your time with Steelrising, we enthusiastically recommend the Nioh games.

2 Assassin's Creed Unity

One of Steelrising's best features is its setting. The French Revolution is a pivotal moment in human history, but it isn't one that video games have spent a lot of time exploring. However, we have seen some games delve into this era. Most notably, it is the setting of Assassin's Creed Unity. Love them or hate them, there is one element of the Assassin's Creed games that they do better than nearly any other; they allow you to explore historical settings wonderfully.

So, if you have finished Steelrising and you aren't ready to leave France behind—and you really want to soak in that setting—we can't recommend Unity enough. Oh, and it gets better. If you have a modern console then you will get to experience an Assassin's Creed Unity that runs well, too. There has literally never been a better time to play this entry in the storied franchise.

1 Bloodborne

There was no other way to end this list. It had to be Bloodborne. What Steelrising does for Parisian architecture, Bloodborne does for Victorian. You will travel through settings that are as horrifying as they are beautiful. Everything from how the later stages in Steelrising stack on top of each other, to the way you interact with citizens in that world, feels like it was inspired specifically by Bloodborne.

If you are a fan of Steelrising, and you enjoy the pace of combat, as well as the gruesome, yet beautiful, setting, then we strongly recommend you check out Bloodborne. It is a classic for a reason, and we think that fans of Steelrising who have yet to experience it will find something to love here.

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