9 Best Caravan Covers For Your Caravan

If you have a camper trailer, you know that it is one of the most important assets you bought for yourself. It is a great escape – a home away from home. Certainly, you want to protect your important investment at all costs. And to keep your joy and pride of owning a camper trailer in perfect condition for the upcoming years, you need a good sturdy cover.

But, how do you know that the caravan cover is up to the job? Apparently,  there is a growing list of features to look for when buying a high-quality caravan cover. But we want to help you avoid all those miscellaneous tasks because we know the peace of mind is very important. And you get that when you have the list of the top ten brands for caravan supplies and covers in your hands – all you have to do is check out autoleisure.com

So, in this post, we have rounded up the top nine best caravan covers in terms of quality and features. We will then zoom in and know about the buyer’s confrontations with the individual caravan brands more closely and the pros and cons of each cover. Without any further ado, here is the list of best nine caravan covers for your caravan:

The above nine brands are our picks of the best manufacturers offering high-quality and reasonable covers for caravans. Let’s get to know in detail about them.

1. Kampa Prestige Caravan Cover

The Prestige caravan cover from the brand Kampa is among the best caravan covers on the market. In fact, Kampa is the most preferred brand choice among regular caravaners for their bespoke lines of caravan covers and comes with the most reasonable price.


The Prestige caravan cover models are weatherproof, breathable, and constructed with non-abrasive material that prevents wears and tears. On top of that, the cover provides superior protection from harsh weather, bird droppings, airborne pollutants, and harmful UV rays.


There are various sizes available for the Prestige Caravan cover. But on the flip side, the covers are precisely the size of the caravan, which makes it difficult to zip and fit into the van.

2. Crusader CoverPRO Premium Caravan Cover

The Cover PRO caravan cover from the brand Crusader is designed with four-ply layers of construction, which provides top-notch protection to your caravan during the harshest of the weather.


The CoverPro premium cover comes with heavy-duty waterproof material construction, making it a practical choice to protect your van. From 17-19 feet to 14-17feet, the brand offers numerous sizes, and you can get the perfect fit for your caravan.


The only complaint regarding the CoverPRO caravan cover is that the instruction for installation is not much detailed and precise.

3. Maypole Caravan Covers

Mostly, all the cover models from the Birmingham-based manufacturer Maypole are some of the best covers on the market today. But, currently, the Maypole 9533 and 9534Caravan covers are the two models that are the talk of the town. The cover is very nice, protective, and sturdy enough and fits very well when appropriately strapped. However, if you have decided to choose the Maypole brand for getting your covers, consider the Mp9435 and 9266 caravan top cover models.


The Maypole gray covers are durable, breathable, and good quality. But note that both the Maypole 9533 and 9534 covers are green in color while the 9266 top cover is white. Along with excellent water resistance feature, the covers are perfect for protecting your tourer during any harsh climate.


Apparently, the Maypole covers have only one critical issue: these covers do not come with any warranty. And, yes, the models are bit pricier covers than the ones in general.

4. Andes Breathable Caravan Covers

The deluxe grey breathable caravan cover from brand Andes is available in several sizes. This full-size caravan cover comes with a triple-layer of a protective inner layer that means your van is fully protected during the adverse climate.


The Deluxe Breathable Caravan Cover from the Andes is a heavy-duty cover and extra kit for passionate caravanners. The 14 to 17ft Green Andes cover is waterproof and also very easy to install.

5. 6. Defender Tower and Defender Trailer

Both Defender Tower and Defender Trailer are considerably two of the best models and come with four protective layers. Defender Universal Caravan Towing Covers are front types while Defender Caravan Hitch Covers gives hitch coverage.


The Universal caravan cover is the best option for you as it gives full front coverage to your vehicle. Being constructed with thick and breathable material, the cover is easy to use and install. The best feature of these caravan cover includes four reflective straps and 2 LED battery powered lights for extra visibility.

The Hitch caravan cover from the brand Defender offers universal fit and is easy to attach. The covers are 100% waterproof and also comes with reflective trim.


The only downside of the Defender Universal Tower cover is that although tits mark-free buckle system, the cover is a bit difficult to clean off.

7. Adco Caravan Covers

Founded in 1955, ADCO has the most extensive range of trailer RV and caravan covers. The brand Adco is one of the most popular choices among the caravaners forums. Although more expensive than others, these covers are top quality and known to be the most long-lasting caravan covers.


The Adco covers are straightforward to install and takes about a minute to pop the lid. The additional equipment that comes with it makes also makes the installation process much easier and faster. Another notable feature is that the cover-top is white, which keeps the inside of the caravan cooler, especially during summer.


Some of the Adco caravan cover models are a bit pricey compared to the pop-up trailer covers. Also, there are few buyer’s complaints stating that the covers tearing and ripping. Upon further investigation, we found out that the cover holds up well if installed correctly.

8. Camec Pop-Top Cover

The Pop-Top Cover from Camec is undoubtedly a popular choice among regular caravanners. The new range of caravan covers from the brand, Camec, is a high-quality premium model. These covers are constructed with sturdy weather-resistant material, breathable, and offer excellent protection to any van. The best thing about the Camec Premium Caravan Covers is that they come with a massive three-year warranty!

9. ALDI Caravan Covers

Next to our list is the Aldi caravan cover, one of the most sought-after covers for its competitive price. The cover is of good value and worth considering. If you want to get an insight into what reviewers are saying regarding the Aldi covers in forums, you must know that there’s only one complaint. From the very-popular Caravan forum website, one reviewer stated that the cover is too thin while, on the other hand, another user assured that the cover is durable for more than 18 months.

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