A Cartoonist Is Drawing Every Smash Bros Character In Cuphead Style

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is as big as any game could ever hope to be, encompassing 80 characters representing some if not most of gaming’s biggest franchises. Such impact of course comes with the power to draw all kinds of artistically talented players that may be inspired to channel their creative efforts to show their love for Smash.

Smash is practically a necessity for Switch owners, a console that aside from boasting all of Nintendo’s glorified properties also happens to be the home for many of the best indie games from the last decade. Among those of course is Cuphead, the hand drawn wonder that continues to terrorize gamers with some of the hardest bosses in modern games, that also happens to be honored with Smash content.

Considering Cuphead’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Mii costume form, it was only a matter of time before someone put two and two together and decided to bring Smash to the world of Cuphead. 21-year-old cartoonist Daniel Cortes did just that, having started two months ago a 60 day run of drawing all of Smash’s characters in Cuphead’s distinctive vintage cartoon style with results that are just wonderful to look at.

The results for each character clearly vary with some of Smash”s fighters clearly benefiting more from the extreme makeover than others. For example, most Pokemon tend to make the transition pretty smoothly, but Pikachu and Pichu’s proportions might be more up for debate in the eyes of some. Anime-inspired characters also do rather well, as their more human features are translated really well by Cortes.

At the time of writing, Cortes is more than halfway through his self-imposed challenge and his efforts have been very well received by the Smash community. In the artist’s Twitter account some of his other work can be found as he occasionally posts work commissioned to him that captures all kinds of media icons in the same Cuphead style.

Cortes still hasn’t caught up to Pyra and Mythra’s Smash reveal, but considering he usually doesn’t share his work on weekends, he could have the entire roster nailed down by mid-April. Of course, considering the beauty of Cortes’ work, there’s no rush in him going through all of the roster anytime soon.

In any case, most Cuphead fans would probably be happier with more news on the game’s DLC content or at least settle with some more teasers for the Cuphead animated series being developed by Netflix.

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