A Wrinkled-Face Detective Pikachu Plush Now Exists And I Want To Hug It

Against all odds, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was one of the best films of 2019, and much of its charm comes from the incredibly realistic CGI designs that brought classic Pokemon to life on the big screen. Its spunky star, Detective Pikachu, is almost unbearably cute throughout the entire film, and now one of his cutest–and most heartbreaking–moments is immortalized in a new plush doll available on PokemonCenter.com.

Warning: Slight spoilers for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu follow!

The Detective Pikachu Wrinkled-Face Plush, as it’s officially called, harkens back to one of the film’s most tragic moments. While escaping from a mysterious lab facility with his human companions Tim and Lucy, Pikachu is seriously hurt, but he ends up being healed by the legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo. The process triggers the partial return of his memory, which leads him to believe he betrayed his former human partner (and Tim’s father) Harry Goodman. The shame drives Pikachu away from the group, and he’s later seen wandering an empty highway alone, looking extremely forlorn, brows furrowed, and his entire face wrinkled in sadness.

If you’ve always wanted to give that wrinkled-face Pikachu a hug and tell him everything will be OK, you now can, thanks to this new plush. Available for $20, the 8-inch Detective Pikachu plush recreates Pikachu’s face in all its wrinkled glory from that scene in the film. It’s part of Pokemon Center’s original Pokemon: Detective Pikachu collection. Quantities are limited, so if you need this iconic plush in your life ASAP, I’d recommend snatching him up today.

And for fans who love Detective Pikachu but don’t want to look at his sad, wrinkled face every day, there’s also a much happier-looking Detective Pikachu plush available on PokemonCenter.com, although it’s a bit more expensive at $25. Alternatively, there are official Psyduck and Ludicolo plushies available as well, if you’re into that.

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