According To Bloodborne’s 60 FPS Patch Modder, Bluepoint Isn’t Working On A Remaster

Over the last year, rumors have run rampant that Sony is secretly working on a Bloodborne remaster for both PC and PS5. Said to be in development by QLoc and Bluepoint Games, none of the supposed companies involved have confirmed any of the leaked details. It seems increasingly likely that everyone was taken for a ride when the “news” broke. As if to further douse the flames of anticipation, modder Lance McDonald (who created the unofficial 60 FPS patch for Bloodborne) has weighed in on the remaster and claims that Bluepoint Games is not currently working on it.

In a thread over on Twitter, McDonald makes it clear that he isn’t outright denying a port to modern platforms. After debunking the rumors last year by speaking directly with developers that were said to be involved, he took to the social media platform to make it clear that any new rumors are 100% fake. QLoc and Bluepoint are not involved with the project and Sony is probably not going to release anything anytime soon.

What’s curious is that McDonald notes that Bluepoint’s contract for the Demon’s Souls remake on PS5 didn’t allow the company to patch in the ability to delete characters. He somehow conflates that with Bluepoint not working on the remaster for Bloodborne, which seems like a stretch. At the very least, it shows that Sony and Bluepoint operate on a per contract basis, so the two aren’t buddy-buddy.

That oddity aside, any news regarding a new version of Bloodborne should be taken with a grain of salt. Until an official party makes a definitive statement, be it Sony, FromSoftware, Bluepoint, or which developer, don’t get your hopes up.

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