Ada Wong Is Now A Duck With New Resident Evil Tubbz Toys

Ada Wong and a bunch of other Resident Evil characters have been turned into collectible ducks within the Tubbz line of toys.

Releasing sometime in April, each collectible figure comes with a black bath case featuring the Resident Evil logo that can be stacked on your shelf. In addition to the femme fatale Ada, Nemesis, Hunk, the Merchant, and Tofu are joining the lineup. Previously Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Claire Redfield were available; now, you can add these new figures to the set.

The new wave of Resident Evil Tubbz is available to preorder through Just Geek. They cost $12.99 (or $16.99 CAD) each.


Nemesis is the most terrifying duck you can imagine. Its skin looks unnatural and pasty as it gives you a menacing grin. It’s equipped with the character’s infamous rocket launcher that has plagued many Resident Evil and Marvel vs. Capcom players alike. He is Umbrella’s secret weapon, after all.

Ada Wong

Ada Wong has an automatic pistol equipped, blue eyeshadow, and a perfect recreation of her hairstyle. She also has the same red dress that she wears in Resident Evil 2.


Resident Evil 2’s secret character returns in this disturbing reimagining of an inanimate object coming to life. It has a cool S.T.A.R.S hat on, and funnily enough, the model has a duck’s mouth on it. Who thought we’d see a tofu duck? A vegetarian somewhere is very insulted right now.


This duck is decked to the nines with an army jacket and gas mask. He’s ready to face an outbreak as U.S.S. Alpha Team’s leader. Let’s get quacking!


The merchant from Resident Evil 4 is wondering what you’re buying. Somehow this duck has the same mannerisms as the character, with a creepy glare underneath its detailed hood. Are you willing to look at his eggcelent wares? The character’s recently been turned into a controversial figure in Resident Evil 8, as we’ve questioned Capcom’s fat-shaming. 

This isn’t the first collaboration Tubbz has made with a video game. Tekken’s hard-as-nails protagonist and antagonist Kazuya and Heihachi were transformed into ducks earlier this year. Each has its own unique touches, like Heihachi’s iconic pointed hair and Kazuya’s studded gloves. The result is hilarious, so check it out.

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