Age Of Calamity: Pro Tips For Playing As Teba

Teba may have been a somewhat forgettable Champion’s descendant in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild since he was only loosely associated with Revali and Vah Medoh’s quest was quite short, but in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, he is able to stand out even among the original Champions and is one of the better fighters in the roster.

While Teba may be armed with his bow, he, unlike Revali, isn’t limited by his attack choices. He is more than capable of fighting up close and personal when the need calls for it, while also being able to deal tremendous damage with his arrows.


Somewhat like Revali, Teba’s true strengths come with his ranged attacks, as they are quite wide and far-reaching. Unlike Revali, the Champion isn’t limited as to what he can do when in melee range. For the most part, Teba should be played similarly to Revali, keeping enemies at a distance with ranged attacks, though when they get close, don’t be afraid to beat them to a bloody pulp.

Strong Attack

Teba’s strong attack is fairly simple, allowing him to fire a volley of arrows repeatedly so long as you keep pressing the strong attack button. What makes this attack stand out, however, is that it doesn’t deal damage right away. Instead, Teba will shoot arrows into the air until you stop the attack, then they will come back down to earth with several of them exploding.

This attack also doesn’t hit enemies in the direction Teba fires them and will come back down in the opposite direction, meaning you need to turn your back to the enemy if you want to actually hit anything.

Special Attack

Teba’s special attack functions pretty similarly to Revali’s, with him flying ahead and firing bomb arrows into the ground and damaging enemies for a fair distance ahead of him. Unlike Revali’s, however, the width of the attack is much narrower in exchange for added range.

While you don’t need to be in point-blank range to hit your desired target, getting close is a guaranteed way of doing extra damage, as the attack causes multiple explosions one after the other.

Basic Combo String

Like Riju, Teba’s basic combo can be a little hard to control at times. However, his wild movement means that he is not only capable of hitting single targets and hordes alike, but that he can also evade damage while attacking fairly easily by simply carrying out his basic combo.

The first attack in Teba’s basic combo is particularly wild and can take some practice to not instinctive try to correct his course, which will always make him miss the next few attacks if you are focusing on a single target.

Strong Attack Combos

One of Teba’s biggest strengths is in his strong attack combos, all of which can be further extended by mashing the X button to draw out the attack far longer than normal. His first three combos will end with Teba shooting a volley of arrows, with the first being the fastest attacking at a shorter range, while the third is his slowest firing but at a much longer range.

The fourth combo functions a lot like Riju’s strong attack as Teba spins around the field wildly while both dealing damage and avoiding it very easily. His fifth combo will end with Teba high in the air and firing at the ground, which is both a good way to stay out of range of attacks while also dealing significant damage to anything around him.

Weak Point Drainer

Any of Teba’s extended strong attack combos are good weak point drainers, but his first and second are particularly great for this due to both the speed at which he fires as well as how fast they can be executed.

If you have prepared ahead of time, Teba’s fully charged unique action is also able to melt through weak point gauges like a hot knife through butter. This does come with the disadvantage of also taking a long time to charge if it isn’t prepared ahead of time.

Sheikah Runes

Teba’s Sheikah Slate abilities are fairly unique, even compared to Zelda’s, and seem to be more focused on accuracy rather than the effects themselves. Teba’s Stasis and Bomb runes, in particular, can be aimed from the air to allow more control over which enemies they will target.

The Magnesis power functions a lot like Revali’s, creating a small AOE attack that is one of the few Magnesis runes worth using in general combat. Teba’s Cryonis rune is the strangest, as it summons three ice blocks that spin around Teba and form something of a barrier between himself and the enemy.


Teba’s greatest asset is his maneuverability while attacking, so this should be taken into account when defending against oncoming attacks. Not only does his basic combo string allow him to avoid most incoming damage, but his extended strong attack combos, particularly the third and fifth combos, put Teba in the air and far away from danger.

If it comes down to blocking or dodging, however, the latter is always the better option, as Teba moves a fair distance compared to other characters.

Weapon Modifiers

Like Sidon, Teba benefits most from the Strong Attack Damage increase seal, as the majority of his good attacks are his extended strong combos. However, he can also make decent use of Attack Speed and Normal Attack Damage increasing seals as they allow him to reach his extended combos sooner, though the increased speed can make the timing a little more difficult to hit.

Unique Action

Teba’s unique action may be the strongest of all unique actions baring Impa’s cloning ability, though it is also one of the slowest to get working. By holding down ZR, Teba will charge up a bow attack, which doesn’t interrupt his normal movement or attacks and can be started up at any point, even if he is being attacked, and has four levels of charge.

At the first level, Teba will simply fire a handful of arrows ahead, while his second adds a few more arrows to the mix. The third charge fires a very wide volley of arrows that is even greater than Revali’s aerial attacks, while the fourth and final charge is nearly identical, though all arrows are bomb arrows that also start raining from the sky. The final charge is very good in large maps with a lot of enemies since its range is greater than most other attacks in the game and does a lot of damage.

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