AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative: How To Clear Komeji’s Somnium In Chapter 3

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In the third chapter of AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative, you’ll be diving deep into the psyche of Komeji, a failed comedian with a square head. Once you’ve psynced with him, you’ll be able to explore his dreamscape, where you’ll uncover some new information about the Half Body Serial killings.

In order to do so, however, you’ll first need to complete a somnium: a series of puzzles that operate on Komeji’s internal dream logic. Most of these will involve giving Komeji ‘cues’ to perform in a certain type of way, although not all the answers will affect his behaviour in the way that you might think. It’s also the first somnium to branch into multiple possible paths – if you’re unsure which option to select, you can follow our walkthrough below to crack the case wide open.

Mental Lock #1

Once you arrive in Komeji’s somnium, you’ll see a bird’s eye view of the whole area – it’s a recreation of the amusement park where they usually perform. Once you gain control of Tama, the first thing you’ll want to do is inspect the entry gate.

After this, you’ll want to ignore some other elements for the moment and follow Komeji to the stage to watch his performance. When presented with a few options, choose the option for Komeji to perform a “Super Funny Gag” in order to progress.

After bombing on stage, the environment will briefly change around him, and Komeji will express his dissatisfaction with his performance. From here, he’ll walk away, and you’ll need to follow him again to the other side of the park.

Find Komeji sitting in front of the vending machines in a green tent. After you interact with him, you’ll be given three options for getting Komeji to interact with his fan. Remember the wisdom of this dungeon that states that fans are important to Komeji, and choose the option “Autograph”, which will trigger the first mental lock to become unlocked.

Mental Lock #2

Follow Komeji again until you find him at the balloon stall. When prompted to give another cue, tell Komeji to inflate balloons, after which he’ll share another part of his story.

Run after Komeji and find him near the green entry gate to find him talking to a shady character. After a tense conversation, you’ll have to choose between preparing money or protecting shoma.

This choice splits the somnium into two branching paths. This will change the story that follows the somnium into multiple possible paths. However, regardless of the option you pick, you will be able to return to the somnium later on via the flowchart in the menu to see the other way it could have played out, so choose the option you personally prefer.

Regardless of which choice you make, it will unlock the second mental lock of the somnium.

Mental Lock #3

Protect Shoma Path

If you chose to protect Shoma, you’ll need to follow Komeji to the mini-train ride. Once more, you’ll be presented with three possible cues to give Komeji. Select the option “Ride it” to get Komeji to board the mini-train and reveal more of his deep feelings.

After some hijinx, this will ultimately lead to Komeji chasing after Shoma across the park, which will unlock the third mental lock of the somnium.

Prepare Money Path

If you chose to prepare money, you’ll need to follow Komeji to the green tent with the vending machines and find him standing in front of a shooting gallery arcade game. When presented with three options, you should select the option to "find someone good at this game", which will reveal Komeji’s hidden job as a black market firearm salesman. This will unlock the somnium’s third mental lock.

Mental Lock #4

Protect Shoma Path

If you chose to protect Shoma, Komeji will continue their pursuit of Shoma after leaving the mini-train ride. You’ll need to follow them across the park and up the stairs that lead to the sky cycle ride.

Once you get the option to provide Komeji with another cue, tell him to “chase!” and pursue his son Shoma. This will show us some of Komeji’s self-reflection and reveal his desire to protect his son.

After this, you’ll need to follow him to the other side of the park, where he’ll be standing in front of the ferris wheel. Shoma is about to board, and you need to make sure Komeji makes the correct decision to reach out to his son. You need to select the option “chase!” again to ensure that Komeji makes it after his son in time.

Selecting this option will unlock the fourth and final mental lock and end the somnium with a dramatic flourish.

Prepare Money Path

If you chose to prepare the money, follow Komeji to the airplane ride. You will then have to choose from three more cues. Choose the option “one more round!” to make Komeji stay on the plane ride, revealing the vicious cycle his black-market job kept him trapped in.

After this sequence, Komeji will run away again and start interacting with a strange glowing orb. Once you find Komeji in the park (he’s in front of a rectangular, purple structure), tell him to take the orb. This will unlock the final mental lock of the dungeon, which will reveal the details of Komeji’s blackmail plan, completing the somnium.

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