Alien: Isolation Is Free On The Epic Games Store Today

One of the scariest games of all-time, which supports a full VR mod that even includes motion controller support, is totally free today only on PC via the Epic Games Store. You have until 8AM PT on 12/22/20 to grab it before it switches to tomorrow’s free game.

One thing to note: we don’t know for sure if this mod works with the Epic Games Store version, but it absolutely should. Here are details on getting the mod working, but make sure you refer to the official github listing for up-to-date information.

Alien: Isolation is a perfect fit for VR, so even though it’s a bummer we don’t have integrated official support, at least the mod works great. You see, the game had been shown with its VR support in the past, so it follows that modders were able to essentially “fully activate” in a sense.

In Alien: Isolation you take on the role of Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter 15 years after the events of the first movie. You navigate through the ship and do your best to survive by hiding from xenomorphs and uncovering the secrets of what happened. It’s a true survival horror game that is full of tense moments.

Originally released in 2014 it does show its age visually, but it’s still an excellent survival horror game whether you’re a big fan of the film universe or not. There’s really no reason for you to not log onto the Epic Games Store right now and redeem your copy for free. It’s a great game!

Let us know what you think if you give the VR support a spin down in the comments below!

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