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Kent is one of the main love interests that you can get to know in Amnesia Memories. Unlike his close friend, Ikki, Kent is a bit awkward, especially in social situations. If you need help wooing this math genius, you've come to the right place.

In this guide, we are going to go over a full walkthrough of Kent's route. This will include every correct answer, as well as how to get his less desirable endings. As with our other route guides, there will be no plot-related spoilers here. First, let's take a look at how to get on track to Kent's route.

Choosing Kent

To get on Kent's route, you just need to select the Clover World at the beginning of the game when Orion is talking to you.

The answers you give leading up to this decision don't matter; you can speak to Orion however you want. Once you choose the Clover World, you will then be taken there and woken up.

Tips For The Clover World

Kent is pretty straightforward, so when talking to him, be sure to be as straight-to-the-point as possible.

Additionally, try not to be overly rude or mean. This holds true for every love interest in Amnesia Memories. The important factors when deciding what ending you receive are your trust and affection levels. If you are aiming for the good ending, try to increase these during the story.

The suspicion bar is important to pay attention to, but it's entirely possible to get the good ending with the suspicion bar fully filled.

Lastly, it's important to know that as a math genius, Kent will definitely ask you math-related questions. When this happens, you can either work out the answer or guess. If you choose to guess and then get the answer wrong, you can go back and choose a different answer. The math questions aren't too hard, but they do involve some thinking, especially if you don't often solve math problems.

Route Walkthrough For The Good End

Below, you can find all the correct answers to get the good ending for Kent. Only the answers for the day will be shown, allowing you to browse without context and potential spoilers.

Your initial conversation with Orion will not affect the story. This table starts when you first meet Kent.

Day Correct Answers
August 1
  • Please have a seat.
  • I'm sorry about yesterday.
  • 1450 yen.
  • Why did we walk all this way?
  • Good morning and good night are enough.
August 2
  • Would you like to take a walk to my work?
  • I wanted to watch the servers at the cafe.
  • I came to borrow a manual.
  • I'm not sure about going to a guy's house…
August 3
  • I'll try calling Kent.
  • Would you like to talk?
  • What are you talking about…?
  • I'd like to go… but I can't, right?
August 4
  • And a good job to you too, Kent!
August 5
  • It's okay, I'm fine.
  • I'm looking forward to it!
August 6
  • I like that he sticks to his own way of life.
August 7
  • Don't you want to talk about anything?
  • A coworker told me we're love rivals now.
  • What…?
  • You'll break up with me if you're tired of me?
August 8
  • What are you thinking, Kent?
  • …Maybe we should hold hands.
  • I do.
  • Yes, thank you.
  • Thank you very much.
August 9
  • You can choose every option, and the order does not matter.
  • Are you calling me out of obligation?
  • I'll try the math workbook.
  • 500m.
  • 19 times.
  • In 53 days.
  • 26 minutes.
  • 334.
  • That day will never come.
  • 50 times.
  • About 39%.
  • About 2 cm.
  • Nobody knows.
  • That's right.
August 10
  • No, I can't think of anything.
  • I don't dislike it, but it hurts.
August 11
  • It is a surprise…
August 12
  • I thought we were going to see the fireworks.
  • I just wanted to go with you…
  • Maybe you could hold me tighter?
  • I like the goldfish scoop stalls.
August 13
  • Um, my boyfriend is Kent.
August 14
  • I would be a little curious.
  • I'm with Kent right now…
  • Kent asked me…
August 15
  • Okay, I'll try.
August 16
  • Toma…
  • I want you to stay with me, Kent.
  • Did you prefer the past me?
August 17
  • I want to admit everything.
  • I don't mind if you misunderstand…
  • Just from the time we met the other day…
  • Um, could we hurry home?
August 18
  • …We'll walk home together.
  • …I'm sorry for trying to hide it.
  • I didn't want to be shut away in a hospital…
  • It's okay if I don't remember.
August 19
  • Um, I'm fine…
August 20
  • Will you believe me if I tell you something?
  • Is it okay if I remember?
August 21
  • Thank you, I'll stay over.
  • I'm lonely, too.
  • Love is irrational.
August 22
  • No, that would be inappropriate…
August 23
  • Is it weird to like someone you disliked before?
August 24
  • It'll be fine, no matter what I remember.
  • There’s also another message…
August 25
  • Choose either option.
August 26
  • Thank you for apologizing.
  • Yes, please stay with me.
August 27
  • 379 days.
August 29
  • Okay, then I'll try.

Normal Ending

Now, let's take a look at Kent's normal ending. To achieve this, there are a few choices that you need to make differently.

When given the choice to complete his workbook on August 9, opt to do the manual. This will skip the ten math questions. On August 15, rather than inviting Kent, tell the others that he is busy.

Try not to show interest in Ikki or you may get a bad ending.

Overall, you are looking to keep the bond slightly there, but give off more of a one-sided love vibe. Your trust and affection should not be too high; if this happens, you may get the good ending.

Bad Endings

Kent has two bad endings that you can achieve. If you are aiming to get every ending, you can learn how to get them below.

Bad End One

This ending is quite simple. To get it, you will need to be harsh toward Kent pretty much the entire time. Basically, this means answering incorrectly at every chance.

When you answer like this, the story will end early and not extend until the very end of August.

Bad End Two

Lastly, we have Bad End Two. This ending is a bit different, and can often be hard to achieve.

To get Bad End Two, you will want to go through August 8 answering similarly to the good ending. From here, choose the answers listed below.

Day Answers
August 9
  • You can choose every option, and the order does not matter.
  • Then you don't need to call me over.
  • That's right.
August 10
  • There might be…
  • Please, calm down.
August 11
  • Thank you…
August 12
  • I thought we were going to see the fireworks.
  • I just wanted to go with you…
  • I don’t mind.
  • I like the mask stalls.
August 13
  • Um, my boyfriend is Kent.
August 14
  • No. I wouldn't care at all, either.
  • Yeah, it's okay.
  • Kent asked me…
August 15
  • …Kent is very busy.
August 16
  • I don't know, either.
  • I'll just stay with Sawa and the others…
  • Did I really change that much?
August 17
  • I don't want to face any danger.
  • Um, it was just a misunderstanding.
  • I'm not sure… Do I?
  • My attitude hasn't changed.
August 18
  • Let's run away.
  • …I'm sorry for trying to hide it.
  • I couldn't trust anyone…
  • Was it really that bad before?
August 19
  • Why are you here, Kent?
August 20
  • It's okay, I just need to sleep a little.
August 21
  • Thank you, I'll stay over.
  • Please do your best.
  • Love is irrational.
August 22
  • I kind of want him to get jealous…
August 23
  • I really do wonder why I disliked him before.
August 24
  • Nothing bad…
August 25
  • I wonder if Kent will be okay…

That's all there is to know about Kent's route! From here, head to another world and try to get all the endings for other characters.

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