Among Us To Get Manga Adaptation

Today brings us one step closer to an Among Us anime as Bessatsu Corocoro has announced that it's adapting the hit indie game as a manga.

Among Us' manga will feature in the magazine's next issue, releasing on February 4, 2022. If you don't know, Bessatsu CoroCoro is a Japanese manga anthology that releases bi-monthly and it's no stranger to video games. Already, it has two Sonic series, one simply titled Sonic the Hedgehog and Dash & Spin Super Fast Sonic.

The magazine is primarily made for elementary school kids with the manga inside often being based on games, anime, and toys. Given Among Us' global popularity after skyrocketing into virality last year, it only makes sense that it'll feature. However, details beyond its release date are scarce – there's no news on its author or whether it will be a one-shot manga or released in chapters.

As for what we can expect from the story, it's hard to say. Among Us doesn't really have one – it's a party game about sussing out a saboteur. But Animal Crossing is a sandbox about paying off debt and that had a well-received anime film, so anything is possible. Will the little beans have names or go by their colours? What map will it be set on? Will we find out more about these invasive bodysnatchers? Will Tan be the best character of the lot? Maybe. Definitely to the last.

It's also unclear if it will be exclusive to Japan or if it will receive localisations in other countries. In short, all we know is that a manga is coming very soon, adapting developer Innersloth's now-iconic party game. Whether it chooses The Skeld as a backdrop or Airship is entirely up in the air, we have less than a month to wait before we find out.

Clue and Knives Out can move aside because the best whodunit story of all time is about to get its very own adaptation.

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