Andrew Yang Has Choice Words For Bowser Mains As He Ends His Campaign

Andrew Yang may have suspended his political campaign, but that doesn’t mean he’s done sharing his opinions with the public. In fact, one recent announcement by Yang may be among his most important yet. During a brief video tweeted by an account named GerbusMcJerbus, Yang proclaims that Bowser players in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are carried.

The video is only four seconds long, but that’s all he needed to crush the dreams of “Bowser Bros.” It starts with Yang turning to the camera and triumphantly stating that, “all Bowser players are carried.” It ends with an off-camera voice saying, “you heard it here.” That’s it.

Andrew Yang had plenty of radical ideas during his campaign to become the Democratic presidential candidate — such as instating a $1,000/month universal basic income — but the theory that Bowser players are carried doesn’t seem to be so controversial. In fact, just last month Nintendo of Canada tweeted out a similar message. In that post, the Canadian account asks players if their strategy consists of “just using flying slam” with Bowser. It then goes on to say that they should probably learn a new fighter. Bowser-users can’t seem to catch a break.

An avid Starcraft player — who always picked Protoss — Yang knows a thing or two about the world of gaming. However, his Smash Bros. credentials are a complete mystery. For all we know, he could actually be a Bowser main.

Yang isn’t the only popular Democrat that enjoys video games in his free time. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a dedicated League of Legends player and was recently promoted to Silver IV. Even more impress — Rep Josh Harder from California is in the Platinum ranks.

Now that Yang has ended his campaign, he’ll have much more time to brush up on his Smash skills. Who knows, maybe he’ll even take up livestreaming. He certainly has a passionate following in the “Yang Gang” and people seem interesting in hearing what he has to say.

As for all you Bowser players, maybe it really is time to start learning a new fighter. Just don’t chose Pit — he’s no good at anything.

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