Apex Legends: How To Play The Second Chance Limited Time Mode

Apex Legends has launched the War Games event, and every few days there will be a brand new Apex Games takeover, each of them offering a brand new ruleset that you must follow in order to stay on top of your opponents.

We have a full list of all the game modes you can expect in our War Games Breakdown, but in this guide we’re specifically going to be giving you advice to handle the Second Chance game mode, which adds an interesting new dynamic to this otherwise classic battle royale experience.

In this guide we’re going to break down what you can expect from the Second Chance mode, and how you can play to win in this intense game mode. Just read on below for everything you need to know about Second Chance in Apex Legends.

Waiting For Revives, Or Jumping In Again

When you get knocked down in the Second Chance mode, you will instantly be given the option to die and revive quickly. This is tempting, as it will get you sent back into battle quickly, but you’ll only be given one of these Revive Tokens per game.

If the enemy is hunting down your friends and you want to rescue them, then you should definitely respawn ASAP and get back into the battle, but if your team is handling things, then you should wait it out and let them revive you so you can save your token for the next knock down.

You will be respawned with all of your loot as you drop from the sky, which is lovely, and allows you to hopefully go back in and quickly get revenge on whoever took you down.

Kill, Heal, Kill

Because of the nature of the revive system, you simply shouldn’t give your opponents the chance to optionally save their tokens. If you want to wipe out teams, you need to keep fighting and make sure they don’t come back, and the only way to do that is to have them come back at least once.

As a result, once you’ve knocked someone down you should finish them, and then get straight to healing. As soon as you’re done healing up, you’ll likely find yourself besieged by the enemy team once again, freshly dropping down from the sky. If you don’t want to be caught while vulnerable, then you need to heal up and get ready to shoot.

Respawn Beacons Still Work

Once your pals go down, the game is still not over. Even though you have tokens to respawn, you can still get respawned the traditional way, with your pals picking up your banner and running over to a big red Respawn Beacon – or call down your own Mobile Respawn Beacon.

This means that your game isn’t over until every single member of your team has been eliminated twice, which is easier said than done, especially if your third isn’t as trigger-happy as you are.

Never Let Your Guard Down

The nature of the teams respawning at least once results in firefights that last much longer than you might be used to, encouraging even more players to join the fight. Essentially, fights don’t end quickly, so you shouldn’t let yourself relax for even a moment.

This also means you should get ready to use a lot more ammo than usual. Even if you don’t get the chance to loot an eliminated opponent, they will drop a small amount of ammo and other items, allowing you to recharge at least a bit before the fight ramps up again. Make sure to be fully equipped and healed by the time the enemy lands again.

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