Apex Legends How To Use Gold Magazines For The Best Results

Apex Legends Season 8 is now live, at long last, and we have one of the most exciting additions to the game yet: Gold Extended Magazines. We’ve had White, Blue, and Purple extended magazines for a long time, but the new Gold tier is brand new, and can change the meta of the game more than even the new 30-30 Repeater can.

Gold Extended Magazines change the game. They don’t just give you more ammo in every clip, but they give you a new way to play. With a Gold magazine in your weapon, you can change the order of which you use your weapons, and it just might carry you to victory. But don’t take my word for it – just read through our tips and explanations below, test them out in the Firing Range, and then take what you’ve learned into the Apex Games with other players, because this changes everything.

What The Gold Extended Magazines Do

The Gold-tier extended magazines do increase the overall size of your ammo capacity, but they do not increase that size by more than the purple magazines. If you just want sheer ammo capacity, then the purple magazines will do just fine. The Gold magazines are here for one simple reason: automatic reload. If you holster a weapon which is equipped with a Gold magazine, then it will reload automatically within 5.5 seconds. This can change up the meta of Apex Legends drastically, if used correctly.

How To Use The Gold Extended Magazines For Best Results

If you manage to find an extended gold magazine in Apex Legends, then you should equip it to whichever weapon you intend to lead with. Most players in Apex Legends will either be equipped with a long and a short-range weapon, or a mid-range weapon and a fast-firing pistol, like the Wingman, to back them up in a tight spot when the ammo has run low.

You should always lead with the weapon equipped with the gold magazine, that way when your ammo runs low you can easily swap to your next weapon, pop off a few more shots – even if it’s just suppressing fire – and then by the time you’ve exhausted the magazine, your lead weapon should be reloaded. Swap back and unleash hell – especially since your opponent should be all out by now.

Things You Might Not Know About The Gold Extended Magazines

What’s lovely about the gold extended magazines is that the concept of having a “holstered” weapon is a bit more flexible than I first thought. For example, you don’t have to weapon swap or put your weapons away entirely. It counts if you’re holding a grenade (great for Fuse), using a large heal like a Phoenix Kit, or using an Ultimate Accelerant. I haven’t tested this quite yet, but I’m assuming it also works when respawning your team members.

This gives you a few extra options when you’re considering how to reload your weapons. For example, in a long-range firefight, it might be better to duck and heal up any damage you took, instead of actually reloading. Smart uses of items can make the gold extended magazines even more formidable than it was first thought.

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