Apex Legends New Character: Prophet coming to game soon? Abilities and ‘Precog’ leaked?

Apex Legends Battle Pass – More New Legends?

A new leak seems to point to two new heroes that will join the Apex Legends roster. We don’t know the release date of the upcoming Legends – Octane and Wattson – but here’s what we know of them so far based on leaks from GamingIntel.

Though the new Legends could be added in time with the Battle Pass, thanks to how you need to obtain the two current bonus Legends (Mirage and Caustic) with Apex Coins or Legend Tokens, we doubt new characters will be available to unlock – but we’ll confirm that when more information is available.

Octane: A Legend equipped with a stim injection. Little else is known about the hero at the time of writing.
Wattson: A hero with a Tesla Trip – which we’re assuming is a deployable piece of equipment that makes it harder for enemies to pursue you and your teammates.

We’ll update you with more information on the new heroes as it becomes apparent.

The leak also seems to confirm the Apex Legends Twitch Prime bonus pack, which will contain a new Pathfinder skin and 5 Apex Packs.

You can read everything we know about Octane and Wattson in Apex Legends here.

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