Apex Legends Season 3 Trailer, Map Changes and new hero to be revealed today?

The third season of Apex Legends is coming next week and its just to be a big event for the popular battle royale shooter.

However, mounting evidence and theories suggest that the game could be set to drop a giant update on fans later today.

In fact, it could be that we see the next Season 3 trailer, confirmation of some significant map changes and potentially more info about out newest legend, Crypto.

For the time being, a lot of what's believed to be coming to the game is largely based on tiny hints and teasers. But then again, that's exactly how Apex Legends has gone about revealing more info in the past two weeks.

As such, small hints and teasers are all fans really have to go off.

But as we mention, the evidence is mounting, and it all points to a very big 24 hours for the game.

Writing on Twitter, Apex Legends Intel , a site dedicated to ALL things Apex Legends wrote:

"On Friday the decryption will hit 100% and the Season 3 trailer will most likely drop"

This was then followed up by a second message that backed up the first statement, saying:

"22 hours from now there will be a update! Most likely Season 3 trailer drop Get ready everyone!"

If this is to be believed, the new trailer could be dropping at around 6pm BST in the evening.

And the hint they're referring to references a tweet uploaded from the official Apex Legends Twitter account on Thursday that read


The video also showed what looks like a spacecraft in a snow storm.

In addition to the various going's on above, it's also reported that Crypto, the games next Legend, has vanished from the Kings Canyon map where he could previously be seen.

Some fans believed that the big event could tie into a new map coming to the game, and mounting evidence suggests it could be Psamathe, the home planet of Lifeline and Octane.

There's not a lot we know about the planet, but we have seen one image of Lifeline on the side of a cliff in what can only be a tundra and also lava pits beneath her in the background.

Though Season 3 is called Meltdown, past leaks hinted that the name was something closer to 'Fire and Ice'.

In fact, according to Dexerto, the Season 3 announcement trailer teased some sort of fire and ice elements with the line: "Drop in and put your enemies on Ice", the site also mentions that the Italian version of the trailer translates to "Eliminate enemies and explore lava and ice scenarios".

All the pieces seem to be coming together nicely, and potentially we could see a massive new trailer revealed later today to give fans one final piece of hype before the new season arrives next week.

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