Apex Legends Season 8 Biggest Balance And QOL Changes

Apex Legends Season 8 is here, and you’ve seen the massive changes that have been made to Kings Canyon. You already know about the 30-30 Repeater. You’ve already equipped and automatically reloaded a Gold Extended Magazine. But what do you know about balance changes to legends, and other quality of life adjustments?

Yes, these are the minor changes that you will only know about if you’ve taken a deep dive into the patch notes for this season, and I’m going to save you some time. I’ve gone through all of the latest patch notes for Apex Legends Season 8, and I’ve come out with the most important changes you need to know about as an Apex Legends player. So just scroll down below for the lowdown on the biggest changes and adjustments that comes with Apex Legends Season 8. Take a look at the full patch notes here for more.

Legend Changes


Wraith has had the biggest changes of all the legends, as Wraith now has a slightly bigger hitbox all around, which is part of Respawn’s continued attempts to not make Wraith the most powerful legend on the roster. You shouldn’t notice these changes in general gameplay, but essentially, all of her hitboxes are slightly wider than they were previously. And I wrote this whole breakdown without making a single “thicc” joke.


The big change for Rampart is that her walls now have 45HP when being built, instead of just 1HP. This makes them a bit hardier and harder to take down while she’s setting up, which is good for the generally fast pace of the game.


Horizon is another super-strong legend like Wraith, and as such, her Gravity Lift has had a cooldown increase from 21 seconds to 25.


Octane has had a really interesting change to his launch pad. Essentially, hitting the launch pad while standing or crouched will result in different trajectories. Walking or running into it will send you high into the air – the launch you’re used to – while sliding or crouched will send you a greater distance horizontally, with less overall height. An interesting change that can alter how Octane mains play.


You can’t stick Arc Stars to friendly Crypto drones anymore. Sorry, but this ambush tactic is over.


Care package loot is now visible to Loba before the care package is opened, and yes, she can steal it with her Black Market Boutique.


Gas disappears as soon as Caustic’s team is finished.


Mirage decoys now create footstep sounds – though it’s not a cacophony of feet when they’re close together.

Weapon Changes

Fully-Kitted Weapons

The Wingman, Sentinel, Havoc, G7-Scout, and Alternator are being removed from the pool of fully-kitted weapons.

The R-301, 30-30 Repeater, Mozambique, Longbow, and Spitfire have all been added as fully-kitted weapons.


The Gold Barrel has been removed, replaced by the new Gold Extended Magazines.


The Double-Tap Trigger has been removed, and the Anvil Receiver has been added back into the game.


Bullet damage reduced slightly, from 16 to 15 per shot.


Bullet damage increased slightly, from 15 to 16 per shot.


Bullet damage increase from 18 to 19 per shot. Reload speed has been increased by 0.4 seconds, and empty reload speed has been increased by 0.47 seconds.


Fire rate increased very slightly.

Quality Of Life Changes

Damage Counter

There is now a damage counter on the HUD, which makes it easier for you track badges and challenges.

Pinging Ammo

Signifying you need ammo by pinging it in your inventory now lets your team know how many bullets you have remaining in the quick chat.

Colour Blind Update

Healing and reviving will now follow the colourblind rules you set in the settings menu.

Gun Skin Lore

Some of the weapon skins are canon. I had no idea! Skins which are canon to a certain legend will now have a lore blurb talking about its significance. Cool!

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