Apple Workers Stage Walkout Over Lack Of Protection, Healthcare, And Sick Pay

Apple workers are on a walkout today, protesting their working conditions, as well as the lack of mental healthcare assistance. Consumers are asked to boycott the industry giant today, as to not undermine the purpose of the walkout.

Apple has come under fire for its poor working conditions recently, especially in regards to its Covid-19 response. Employees have reportedly been asked to come into work despite having coronavirus symptoms. Others claim to have fallen ill after working Black Friday, as managers did not adequately enforce social distancing or face coverings.

"Apple prides itself on its commitment to diversity, equity, and an environment where everyone can do their best work", reads a statement from workers. "But Apple has fallen short of this goal for so many of our current and former teammates."

"Apple celebrates its footprint of over 2.4 million workers. That's us: including more than 100,000 direct employees in the United States working under 22 executives. It's time to think equitable at Apple—together."

One of the more damning allegations facing Apple's US dealings pertains to its HR department. Earlier this month, The Verge reported that Apple worker Mark Calivas died by suicide after being bullied by his store manager. He and two coworkers had reported the manager to HR, but nothing was done, even when Calivas had to take medical leave due to his depression.

On top of these serious safety concerns, data compiled by the workforce also indicates a lack of diversity in hiring. According to their research, just 30 percent of staff in America are not male.

Those who are participating in the walkout and would like to receive financial assistance can apply for the Apple strike fund. This fund also supports organizing workers at both Google and Netflix, where staff have also spoken out about their working conditions. Netflix workers actually went on strike recently, hitting back against bosses for hosting another Dave Chappelle comedy special.

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