Archer Class Coming To Black Desert Mobile On February 16, Pre-Creation Now Available

Black Desert Mobile is adding the ultra-fast Archer class to its roster on February 16. Pre-creation is now available, letting you customize the new character to your heart’s content before it launches next week.

Based on Black Desert Mobile’s 2021 Roadmap, many players were expecting Shai to arrive this month. However, the team has decided to bump Shai to a March release and instead bring the Archer’s release to February due to various balance issues.

Until then, we’ll have the Archer. He is the “forgotten son of the goddess Slyvia and protector of the world,” and one of the most agile classes in all Black Desert Mobile. They wield a crossbow retrofitted to attach to their arm and a gauntlet called Ra’ghon, which allows them to draw from the power of the light. Archers can awaken to become Fletchers, who forgo arrows and use a spear-like projectile called the Divine Piercer. Here’s a brief rundown of the differences between the Archer and Fletcher classes:

  • Archer: Designed for maximum speed. He can fire multiple magic arrows of light in quick succession for massive damage.
  • Fletcher: A master at ranged combat. With their powerful greatbow and accuracy, they’ve earned the title of “Watcher of the Battlefield.”

Pearl Abyss is offering up a gift box containing items such as Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chests and Mystical Max Stats Relic Selection Chests to anyone who pre-creates an Archer.

While Archer’s won’t be playable until February 16, you can today dive into Hadum: Calpheon City. This can be accessed after the Hadum: Growing Uproar story is completed and is recommended for adventurers with a CP of 7,000. Item Drop Rate in Hadum has also been changed, with Blazing Chaos Chrystals, Inscribed Glyphs, and Rift Totems now among the possible drops.

To help with the difficult new content, the Pet Skill Level cap has been increased. The so-called “Petscension” will increase your Pet’s maximum skill level to 20 – although it’s only available for Tier 6 Pets.

Archer pre-creation is now available in Black Desert Mobile, with a full release planned for February 16.

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