Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: How To Solve The Goat’s Gruff Riddle

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The Goat's Gruff is one of the Ainigmata Ostraka that you can find in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The puzzle is situated around the Abandoned Farmlands and Marathon Beach regions in Attika. To complete the puzzle, you will have to find the tablet. After acquiring the tablet, you will be able to use the riddle on it to lead you to the engraving.

You can equip the engraving that you receive on your gear to gain a stat bonus. These can be highly beneficial on legendary armors. Here is how you can find the location of the riddle and how you can solve it.

Where To Find The Goat's Gruff

The tablet for this riddle is located inside Camp Dekelia in the Abandoned Farmlands region in the city of Attika. Once you arrive at the Camp, make your way inside and go to the west side to find an open stone building.

It will have multiple pillars supporting it. Look for the tablet you can find on the floor near one of the pillars. It is easy to notice, so you will not have to look around much.

Interact with the tablet to get the riddle.

The Riddle:

"Take the road going northeast toward Marathon Beach. Look for a small path lined with mysterious stone figures. Some say they were once goats turned into stone! The one with blood on its face is where you can find me."

How To Solve The Riddle

The riddle above hints at a goat statue splatted with blood that you can find near the Cave of Pan. Make your way to the cave, located south of Marathon Beach on the map.

Once you arrive at the Cave of Pan, look around for a statue you can climb on. Once you try to climb it halfway through, you will be able to interact with the engraving. The engraving gives a four percent increase in Damage with Heavy Weapons.

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