Augmented Reality Minecraft Game Teased

What if you could insert Miencraft into your every day life? This is the question every developer with a popular license has been asking themselves since the success of Pokémon Go and now Minecraft is getting their turn to ask it out loud. A new teaser from Microsoft indicates that a new augmented reality Minecraft product, whether a spinoff or an AR adaptation, will be revealed for the first time on May 17.

What’s @Minecraft up to? Tune in to on May 17 to find out. #MSBuild

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has toyed around with an augmented reality Minecraft. At E3 2015, the platform holder revealed a new Minecraft project for Hololens that put an entire island on a table in the middle of the stage. As Hololens has fluctuated between intended uses for years, it makes sense to apply the same ideas and possibly tech to Minecraft on mobile. In a post-Pokémon Go world, it makes sense to at least try it.

I’m also utterly struck by how much the guy in the tweeted commercial looks like former Microsoft executive J. Allard, to the point where I was confused when I googled to make sure it was him and discovered he did not return to Microsoft. I was very into the idea of J. Allard leaving his phone with proprietary and unannounced Microsoft software running on it so anyone could just pick it up. I’m not kidding, I like that commercial idea.

We’ll find out more about the new Minecraft project on May 17.

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