Battle Icy Behemoths And Frostbite In New Dauntless Expansion Frost Escalation

Phoenix Labs recently ushered the Frost Escalation update into Dauntless, its free-to-play co-op action RPG. The update opens adventures in the frigid region of Skaldeskar,  challenging you with surviving frostbite, Deepfrost Behemoths, the new Realm of Ice Hunt Pass, new quests, and various quality of life improvements.

The Frost Escalation update 1.5.3 was first briefed at the end of January, with the promise of frigid foes and fearsome fights. The update went live on February 4, and you can log in with your Slayer now to experience the bitter cold story of an ancient past and counter the growing threat of something being awakened deep in the ice.

Frost Escalation is the new Escalation the Phoenix Labs devs state “will test you like no Escalation before”, not only by way of leading you to face off with some fearsome creatures of nature but also having to contend with Nature itself. The icy cold of Skaldeskar will be your first danger to deal with, as you’ll have to pay close attention to your Frostbite level during Escalation runs. This new mechanic gives you a Frostbite Bar to monitor that starts at 0, and if allowed to fill up, will freeze your Slayer in place “until you (or a teammate) reduce your frostbite level to 75% or less.” Your Frostbite level will carry over between encounters, and encounters with Behemoths will cause it to fill at a faster rate. Braziers will reduce frostbite, and even prevent it as long as you’re near one.

Speaking of Behemoths, you’ll be confronting plenty of the Deepfrost variety here, a new breed with a mutation that makes them impervious to the cold. These Behemoths are led by the alpha frost boss Urska, a legendary behemoth that can drop schematics for legendary weapons with two prismatic cell slots. They can be Bonded to another frost weapon to gain a new perk and come with the Frost Shield legendary ability.

Slaying Deepfrost Behemoths, completing bounties, and gathering daily collectibles will earn you experience for the new Hunt Pass: Realm of Ice, which you can use to collect the Frost Shaper and Paladin of Vylmark armour sets. Other new additions include new rumours available from Honest Ozz, Perk improvements, and plenty of repairs to the UI, repeaters, environment, cosmetics, and more.

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