Beacon Pines: All Charm Locations & Turning Point Solutions In Chapter Two

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Beacon Pines is a charming mystery adventure indie game that’s all about ‘rewriting’ a story to find the perfect ending. As you explore the mysterious Beacon Pines with your anthropomorphic animal pals, you’ll discover a multitude of secrets about the forest in which you live, uncovering magical words along the way.

These magical words can be used to rewrite the story of Beacon Pines, by changing the outcome of key events. This will change the way the story goes. Often, only one particular word, known in the game as charms, will hold the key to solving these problems and help you progress through these regular puzzles, known in the game as ‘turning points’.

Many charms can be found through Beacon Pines’ small world map. Some are required for story progress whilst others are optional additions that can only be found by interacting with the right character or tinkering with the environment.

As you explore Beacon Pines’ lovingly illustrated backdrops, you’ll realise many elements can be interacted with in order to find new charms. Some of these are obvious interactions, whilst others require some knowledge of the game’s world and lore.

All Charm Locations In Chapter Two

During the second chapter, you’ll be given ample opportunity to explore the town of Beacon Pines, both before and after you get into trouble with your pal Rolo. During your free exploration time, you should try and explore every area of the village and interact with everything as much as possible.

Plenty of doors, cupboards, and passageways can be opened in the world of Beacon Pines, with only some of them revealing valuable charms.

Although you’ll have to find some of these charms to advance the story, several charms in Beacon Pines can only be found by interacting with the right elements, and might not become useful to use in turning points until much later.

However, although the game appears to have a non-linear structure, charms can only be found in a very specific order to

Here’s a list of all the charms you can find in Chapter Two of the game, and what you’ll need to do to find them.

Charm WordHow To Obtain
ChangeSpeak to the guy standing in front of the Beacon Beacon newspaper building town to get the Change charm.
IndulgentInteract with the golden statue of Beacon Pine’s founder in the town square area to get the Indulgent charm.
SmackFind the area with the carnival tent and the ice cream stand to hit the watermelon in the corner plenty of times to get the Smack charm.
ShitThe first time you’re getting into trouble with your friend Rolo, you’ll enter a spooky warehouse/factory beyond the electric fence. The first time you enter this area, you’ll go through a scripted failure of one of your first ‘turning point’ events, titled Warehouse Horror. At the end of this turning point event, you’ll get the Shit charm, which you’ll need to use later.
ShameSpeak with Solomon Valentine (they’re a dog) after getting the second branch in the Rendezvous With Roxy turning point to get the Shame charm. Solomon will be walking around near the library.
RumbleEnter the spooky warehouse area beyond the electric fence for the second time on the second possible branch of the turning point event ‘Rendevouz With Roxy’ to get the Rumble charm.

Chapter Two Turning Point Solutions

Chapter Two will be your first introduction to using charms to find new solutions to turning points. Although you’ll have had the opportunity to try this once in chapter one, this will be the first time you'll get to actually use multiple charms to ‘branch’ the turning points and find alternate paths.

Rendezvous With Roxy

During your first objective to get into trouble, your mischief-making will come to an abrupt end when you bump into Roxy in the center of town.

When you first encounter this event, you’ll only have one charm you can use, the Chill charm that you’ll have gained automatically by progressing the story.

When you get the Shit charm later on, you can return and use this charm to behave differently to Roxy, allowing your friend Rolo to come with you to the spooky warehouse. This will alter the course of events that would normally occur, and prevent Warehouse Horror from occurring.

Warehouse Horror

The first time you infiltrate the warehouse, you’ll only have access to Change charm. This will end badly, as the warehouse worker spots you and dispatches with you.

After finding the alternate route in Rendezvous with Roxy event using the Shit charm, you’ll get an alternate path where Rolo comes with you to explore. Be sure to talk to Solomon on the way to get the Shame charm.

Instead of being immediately spotted (and presumably murdered) which is what happens when you use the Change charm, this time you’ll have your pal Rolo with you, which will change the story after this point, and lead into Chapter Three.

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