Beginner Tips For Playing Kassadin In Wild Rift

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Kassadin, The Void Walker is a staple of League of Legends' roster as one of its earliest additions and has finally joined the party in League of Legends: Wild Rift, being released on July 29, 2022. Kassadin is a powerful scaling mage with near-unparalleled mobility and damage as the game time ticks onwards.

The Void Walker is a ticking time bomb on the same level as Kayle, with the potential to become a nightmare teleporting around the map and chasing the enemy team down. From items to playstyle, here's all you need to know to start playing Kassadin in your own games.

Kassadin is an Assassin that needs time to become a threat, so he's best in Mid Lane, the shortest lane in Wild Rift. Kassadin's low mobility before he charges Rift Walk means he wants to be able to walk to safety with ease.

Know Your Skills

Kassadin is a heavily-scaling melee middle lane assassin who thrives with completed items, deleting enemy champions with stifling spell rotations and frequent teleportation. Kassadin is very weak early in the game, so play conservatively in the early laning phase.

Passive/Active Skills

Void Stone (Passive) When Kassadin casts a spell near a visible enemy, he gains a short-lasting shield that only absorbs magic damage. This means Kassadin can force favourable trades against enemy mages who have telegraphed trade patterns and stay alive in close team fights late in the game.
Null Sphere Null Sphere is a ranged skill shot that deals magic damage and silences the first enemy hit. This is best used to keep enemies unable to use key mobility or crowd control, buying Kassadin plenty of time to focus on his target.
Nether Blade Nether Blade enhances Kassadin's next auto-attack, dealing extra magic damage, gaining bonus range, and restoring a percentage of his missing mana.
Force Pulse Force Pulse is a cone of magic damage that Kassadin emits in front of himself, slowing enemies. Every six spells that are cast nearby Kassadin, whether his own, allies' or enemies', empower Force Pulse to make it deal increased damage and slow enemies further
Rift Walk Rift Walk is Kassadin's key ability, a low-cooldown teleport that doubles as mobility and damage. Kassadin teleports to a target location nearby, dealing magic damage in an area around him. The magic damage increases each time Kassadin casts Rift Walk within 12 seconds of his last cast. This increase in damage comes with a hefty mana cost increase, stacking up to three times.

Which Attacks To Charge First

  1. The first ability Kassadin should take will be Null Sphere. This is a ranged skill shot that deals magic damage and silences the first enemy it strikes. Null Sphere is your basic ability for last-hitting and harassing opponents in lane, so keep your distance and shut down enemies who expose themselves to land spells on you.
  2. The second ability you should take on Kassadin will be Nether Blade. Nether Blade will restore a portion of Kassadin's missing mana, this skill works well to sustain Kassadin's fragile mana pool, and the extra range means you can kill minions more safely.
  3. The third basic ability you should take on Kassadin is also the one you'll be maxing, Force Pulse. Force Pulse deals magic damage in a cone in front of Kassadin and slows enemies hit, every siz spells that are cast nearby Kassadin will empower Force Pulse for more damage and a greater slow. This is how you'll slow pursuers, cripple running targets, and clear waves as the game progresses.
  4. Kassadin's most important ability is his ultimate, Rift Walk. This teleports Kassadin to a nearby location and deals magic damage in an area around him. If Kassadin casts Rift Walk within 12 seconds of his last cast, it will deal more damage but cost more mana. This increase in damage and mana can stack up to three times. This is fantastic for dodging enemy spells, chasing down targets, bursting enemies from the fog of war, and escaping. As a melee assassin, Kassadin is incredibly exposed until he gains the ability to teleport away.

Max Force Pulse, be wary of ganks and powerful early lane opponents, and bide your time for Kassadin's ultimate ability before looking for big plays

Learn About Item Loadouts

Raid Boss Kassadin

Raid Boss Kassadin focuses on acknowledging his weak early game and transforming him into an incredibly hard-to-pin-down target that can one-shot your carries, tank several spells in the process, and then teleport to safety. Kassadin is an explicitly scaling-focused threat, so lean into his prolific late game by stacking some of the game's most powerful mage items.

Rod of Ages Rod of Ages is exactly what Kassadin wants, an item that grows more powerful with time while granting health, mana, and ability power. At the same time, it converts damage taken into mana which helps Kassadin's mana dependency until he gets his Seraph's Embrace.
Seraph's Embrace As the AP item that is built out of Tear of the Goddess, Seraph's gives Kassadin both the sheer magnitude of mana he'll need to repeatedly cast Rift Walk in team fights as well as ability power that scales off of bonus mana from other items.
Ionian Boots – Stasis Kassadin wants to be able to cast his spells as often as possible, and Ionian boots give him exactly that. This is more teleportation, more damage, and more utility wrapped in one. The Stasis enchantment allows a Kassadin a way to survive over-ambitious engages or buy time for his Rift Walk to come off cooldown.
Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon as Kassadin's third upgraded item takes the ability power from both Rod of Ages and Seraph's Embrace and ramps it up significantly. This is a purely stat-oriented purchase, letting Kassadin begin to stack up the raw damage required to delete enemies in one combo.
Void Staff Void Staff both allows Kassadin to punch up into tanky targets when required, as well as keeping squishy carry's effective magic resistance low. Kassadin already has plenty of raw Ability Power in his other items, Void Staff means opponents who build durability still feel the pain.
Infinity Orb Given that Kassadin is looking to annihilate targets in a rapid rotation of high-damage spells, Infinity Orb makes sure that low-health targets don't survive by amplifying Kassadin's already frightening damage on low-health targets by making his spells critically strike.

Quick Note About Spells

Most games will see Kassadin taking Flash and Ignite. Flash is a mandatory spell for Kassadin, saving him from death early on and extending his threat range for assassination later on. Both Barrier and Exhaust are viable options in difficult matchups where you're worried that high-damage enemy teams will be able to kill you quickly.

That's all you need to know on how to play Kassadin in Wild Rift, get out there, and bring the horror of the Void to your opponents.

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