Best Battlefield 2042 AK24 Loadouts And Attachments

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  • Best AK24 Attachments In Battlefield 2042

The AK24 is back with a blast in Battlefield 2042 thanks to recent patches and updates that fixed weapon bloom. It deals serious damage and is reliable at short and long-range.

We cover the best attachments for the AK24 below. There are a couple of different ways to run the AK, though there's definitely a loadout that sticks out from the rest.

Best AK24 Attachments In Battlefield 2042

The AK24 was absolutely useless in the first few weeks of Battlefield 2042, but thanks to bloom patches, it's now one of the best guns in the game. It puts out a lot of damage, and with the right loadout you can tap-fire enemies from range or spray down opponents who're up in your face.

  • Sight – Fusion Holo, unlocked at 180 kills with the gun. Take the 2.5x from the start.
  • Ammo – Standard Issue / Extended Mag. Gives you extra bullets without impacting handling too much.
  • Underbarrel – Cobra Grip, LWG, or Rattlesnake. This is up to your personal preference.
  • Barrel – Warhawk Compensator is our first choice, though you can use the Extended Barrel if you want to tap-fire enemies from range.
Tip? Take Angel with this loadout. Have your supply drop ready to swap loadouts on the fly, and to drop ammo for the AK. It tends to run out pretty quickly. Check out our Angel Specialist guide here.

Thanks to the game's T-system you can have more than one set of attachments on your weapon at any time. If you want to use the AK-24 at range, have this secondary loadout ready to go.

  • Sight – TV 2x – we love this sight, but really any sight will do here. All up to your personal preference.
  • Ammo – High Power / Extended. This impacts your handling significantly, but for tap-firing, that doesn't really matter.
  • Underbarrel – ADR Bipod. Now bear with us here, as this is an unusual pick, but the Bipod is amazing with the AK24 for long-range fights. Pick this up in Breakthrough, sit back and let rip.
  • Barrel – Extended Barrel. This just improves your range at the cost of extra handling. Worth it for tap fire and long range firing with the Bipod.
Tip? We like Angel or Irish with this build. Irish is able to set up fortifications on the fly and with the right angle, you can use the bipod on the fortifications. Check out our Irish specialist guide here.

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