Best Kastov 74U Loadouts In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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  • Kastov 74U Loadout: Rusher

The Kastov 74U is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's AK74. Strangely, this means it is classed as an Assault Rifle rather than an SMG, and comes with the attachments you'd expect from that range of weapons. Even though it's an AR, you should still build this like an SMG, as its high damage and mobility make it great for players who like to rush around.

This loadout guide covers the best attachments, tuning, as well as some recommended perks. Let's get into it.

Kastov 74U Loadout: Rusher

The Kastov 74U is designed to go fast, even if it is classed as an Assault Rifle. We've put a focus on high mobility and quick ADS times. Here's a closer look at the attachments.

  • Red Dot
This is optional, as it does impact ADS speed. We prefer it with the sight as the iron sights on the 74U aren't the greatest.
  • SA Ultra II
Provides extra ADS, movement speed, and hipfire control at the expense of some damage at range and recoil control. Designed for close quarters.
  • Cronen Grip
Extra hip fire accuracy, hip recoil control. You could aim to unlock the Operator Foregrip by getting the PDSW 528 to level 16.
Rear Grip
  • True Tac Grip
Extra sprint to fire and ADS speed. You will sacrifice some recoil control here, but it shouldn't matter too much if you're right in your enemy's face.
  • Suppressor
This is an optional one – we've tried both, and the 74U definitely hits hard without a suppressor. You might want to use one though, as it does mitigate some rough recoil problems with this loadout.

Best Perks

In terms of playstyle, you want to go fast with this loadout. Pick up Double Time and, depending on your game mode, something like Battle Hardened, Scavenger, or Overkill. Double Time is the only perk that's 100% necessary here. For your ultimate perks, we often take Hardline for extra killstreaks (constant UAVs if you can string together some kills), and Ghost for invisibility on the radar when your enemy inevitably has UAVs as well.

Secondary And Field Upgrade

We often take the AK74U as a secondary weapon using the Overkill perk, picking up the all-powerful and fun-to-use SP-R 208 (we've got a loadout guide here for that too!) But if you're not using Overkill, either take the trusty Deagle or the Combat Knife for extra style and speed.

In terms of the Field Upgrade, we've found that the Deployable Cover is actually kind of broken, and great for holding down rooms. This is a personal playstyle choice, though, and really does depend on what sort of game mode you are playing. For an all-rounder, grab the Dead Silence perk if you're high enough level – silent footsteps are a game changer.

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