Big PlayStation remake to be announced at Christmas – could be Metal Gear Solid

Irish singer/songwriter AVA says she recorded music for a remake of a PlayStation game, and it’s set to be revealed this December.

While Sony may have acquired Bluepoint Games, which is best known for its remakes of classic games like Shadow Of The Colossus and Demon’s Souls, the studio is hard at work on an entirely original project.

However, it sounds like Sony does have another big remake in the works anyway, according to Irish singer/songwriter Éabha McMahon, also known by her stage name AVA. Not only that, but it’ll be announcing it this December.

During an interview on Irish radio programme The Lunchbox, McMahon mentions that she wrote a song for a PlayStation game alongside Michael McGlynn, an Irish composer and founder of choral assemble Anúna. Her full comments can be heard on the October 7 episode from the 36:40 mark.

She obviously doesn’t say what the game is, only describing it as ‘big’ and that it is a remake of a PlayStation game (which could suggest it’s also an exclusive). All she disclosed is that the song is an Irish language piece and the game’s name will be revealed this Christmas.

Given the timing, it’s likely that the remake will be unveiled at The Game Awards 2021, which is scheduled for December 9. Coincidentally, Christmas celebrations in Ireland begin the day before on December 8.

As for what the game could be, that’s a little trickier to figure out. McGlynn and Anúna have contributed to video games before, namely Diablo 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, although neither of those have much to do with PlayStation.

Interestingly, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 composer Yasunori Mitsuda is a big fan of Anúna and expressed excitement over getting to work with them on the game. And in April 2018, Mitsuda and the group appeared on stage together as part of the Xenogears 20th Anniversary Concert.

It’s worth noting that Mitsuda also composed for both Xenogears and the Xenosaga series, the predecessors of Xenoblade, and these games only ever released for PlayStation platforms.

That said, these aren’t the only PlayStation games Mitsuda has worked on. By following the same logic, the mystery remake could be something like Square Enix’s Chrono Cross (the sequel to Chrono Trigger) or 2002’s PlayStation 2 role-playing game Shadow Hearts.

There’s also no guarantee that McGlynn is even collaborating with Mitsuda again, and one other suggestion is that the game in question could be the long rumoured remake of the original Metal Gear Solid, as its ending credits theme, The Best Is Yet To Come, features Irish lyrics.

There have been reports that Konami is looking to remaster the Metal Gear Solid series as part of its efforts to bring back the franchise, alongside Castlevania and Silent Hill. To come back full circle, there were rumours that Bluepoint was remaking the first Metal Gear Solid game and while that’s now proven not to be the case, talk of a remake being exclusive to PlayStation persists.

Regardless of what the game actually is, there’s now one more reason to pay attention to The Game Awards this year. Or, at the very least, keep an ear out for any last minute PlayStation events that could be announced for December.

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