Biomutant: How To Catch The Mirage

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Biomutant is a peculiar game about life and the endless conflict of good versus bad. There is an ominous character that starts following you around, and you may be wondering how to deal with him. That character is the Mirage.

The Mirage is a crucial part of leveling up your character and progressing within the game. If you are having a hard time beating some of the bosses in the game or just desire extra power, this character certainly holds the key. Here's everything you need to know about it.

What Is The Mirage

The Mirage is a curious bear holding a lantern that you will notice watching you from a distance. While creepy, this bear holds a purpose. You must catch up with him to initiate a quest. When you interact with the bear, you will have a flashback to when you were younger and training with someone.

In this quest, you must attempt to defeat the disciple with your bare hands. Each time you find the Mirage, you get the chance to defeat a new disciple. After completion of the fight, you get to choose between four different Automaton upgrades.

How To Catch The Mirage

Interacting with the Mirage should be easy. He won't try to run away from you, especially if it is your first time encountering him. It will spawn randomly around the map for everyone after your first encounter with the Tree of Life. If you are having a hard time finding him, some players note that circling the Tree of Life until you bump into him also works as a strategy. Simply fast travel to the Tree of Life and run around it.

Where ever you find the Mirage, make note of the location. If something stopped you from getting to him, fast-travel back to that location to refresh the area and try again. You will otherwise have to keep wandering aimlessly or focus on other quests until you notice the Mirage in the distance once again since his spawn locations are random.

If the Mirage keeps running away and disappearing for you, you may have already unlocked every Automaton upgrade as this is his only purpose.

Every Automaton Upgrade

There are only four upgrades you can earn from completing the Mirage fights. Each one will aid you in battle or in adventure. To view the upgrades and the video demonstration attached to them, select your menu button (not the exit button) then head to Gear > Automaton.

The only Automaton Function that isn't rewarded by the Mirage but is instead already on your Automaton is the Flashlight function.



Health Injector

Instantly heal during battle. "Activate the Automaton's heal function in the consumable favourites' radial wheel."


Automatic light source when in caves or anywhere dark. "The Automaton's flashlight function is automatically activated when in darker areas."


Allows a slow fall when you jump off ledges or cliffs. "To use the Automaton's Glider wings, jump off at a high elevation and then press and HOLD jump while in the air. You control it when flying by using the navigation controls. Pitching it down will increase the speed."


Extra damage output from Automaton. "The Automaton's turret function is automatically activated whenever enemies are around and will aid you in combat"


Increased damage from your attacks. "Activate the Automaton's boost function in the consumable radial wheel to boost your damage output. It can be used again after a set amount of time."

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