BioWare Is Teasing Something Mass Effect-Related – Maybe A Switch Release Or Remake

BioWare has a selection of highly beloved series but none may be more beloved than Mass Effect, although Dragon Age and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic surely give it a run for its money. While BioWare is yet to make a surefire confirmation of a new Mass Effect-related release, a recent tweet from BioWare indicates that they may be up to something big.

Ever since Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s botched 2017 release, fans have been clamoring for any Mass Effect-related content from BioWare. Whether it’s a new installment or a remaster of the original trilogy, Mass Effect fans have expressed their desire for more Mass Effect — and BioWare feels the same way.

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The tweet can be seen below:

The video begins with the origins of the Mass Relays in the series, which help space dwellers like Commander Shepard hop from system to system. During and after the on-screen explanation, the Mass Effect Theme by composers Sam Hulick and Jack Wall plays in the background. It’s enough to give any Mass Effect fan warm, nostalgic vibes and perhaps offers an implication that BioWare is developing or seeking to develop a new Mass Effect game. Or, perhaps we will be seeing the game ported over to the Nintendo Switch?

However, a new Mass Effect game sounds more likely at this point. Given that BioWare’s Casey Hudson has previously tweeted unused concept art from Mass Effect on November 7th, 2019, saying there are “so many stories yet to tell,” a new Mass Effect game would appear the likeliest of outcomes.

On the other hand, a Mass Effect remake for the Switch isn’t necessarily outside the realm of possibility. The track from BioWare’s above tweet is from the first Mass Effect title, and the company surely knows of its fans’ love for the original trilogy and their desire for a remake. Plus, with incoming new hardware from Sony and Microsoft, it would also be interesting to see the worlds of the first three Mass Effect games in stunning next-gen graphics.

Whatever the case may be, the only prescription for Mass Effect fans right now is more Mass Effect and BioWare may well be coming up with the cure.

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