BioWare's Remasters 'Mass Effect' Trilogy for Enhanced 'Legendary Edition'

BioWare has announced that it will be remastering the original Mass Effect trilogy into one pack — Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The new edition will feature improved visuals and previously-released DLC content. BioWare has noted that its intention for remastering the games is so that new and returning players will be able to play the classic trilogy in the “best possible form.” Character models, textures, shaders, resolution and framerates have all been revamped. Mass Effect Legendary Edition isn’t a full-on remake, though; Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode has been left out of the remastered edition. Casey Hudson, VP at BioWare, emphasized how the Mass Effect franchise has been released as multiplatform titles, “originally released back in 2007, the first game in the Mass Effect trilogy was an Xbox 360 exclusive. After that, though all later Mass Effect games would be multiplatform releases, including the most recent Mass Effect Andromeda. Also, no, Andromeda is not a part of this collection.” Players can expect the new edition to be available for both Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X with “targeted enhancements.”

BioWare’s Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC — official release dates have yet to be disclosed.

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