Bizarre Pokémon Unite glitch makes Machamp shortless

Technically it’s always nude, but an unfortunate Pokémon Unite glitch forced one player to see Machamp’s bare bottom.

While fans appear to be enjoying Pokémon Unite overall, the game is not without faults or points of criticism. Aside from a confusing amount of in-game currencies and pay-to-win tactics, it’s riddled with a number of bugs, and we’re not talking about bug pokémon.

One bug in particular has been making the rounds online and while it doesn’t appear to be game-breaking or anything like that, it’s bizarre enough to attract people’s attention.

Specifically, it involves the pokémon Machamp or rather Machamp’s butt. One unlucky player experienced a visual bug that not only seemed to turn Machamp the wrong way round, but it removed his trunks, putting his bare bottom on full display.

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