Blaston Hits PC VR Today, New Demeo Concept Art Revealed

Cook-Out developer Resolution Games joins us for the second day of UploadVR’s Winter Wrap-Up!

The Stockholm-based studio is today sharing updates on two of its titles as you can see in the video below. First up is Blaston, the team’s frantic 1v1 multiplayer shooter that debuted on Oculus Quest earlier this year. The game’s finally leaping from the standalone headset over to PC VR headsets via Steam. Blaston will be available on the platform today with official support for Rift, Index and Vive as well as cross-platform support.

In Blaston, two players go head-to-head in intense shootouts, firing slow-moving bullets at each other. The other player can return fire and also try to dodge those attacks. Included in today’s update, Resolution will be adding a new lobby area for players to meet and start matches, and you’ll even be able to jump into matches as a spectator, too.

Moving on there’s Demeo, the new tabletop-style turn-based RPG that the team announced just last week. Watch the video above for some exclusive concept art from the game, which is due out on VR headsets and PC in 2021. We’re really excited to see what comes of it.

We’ve got plenty more in store for the Winter Wrap-Up! Join us later today for the reveal of a new VR kaiju game and a first look at Arizona Sunshine’s new cooperative map. Then be back here tomorrow for the first development footage of Wraith: The Oblivion – Aftermath on Oculus Quest 2 and we’ve got updates from Sam & Max and Vertigo Games to come. Check out the full schedule below and make sure not to miss yesterday’s reveal of The Wizards: Dark Times on Oculus Quest.

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