BlizzConline 2021 Schedule Is Live, Includes Overwatch 2, Diablo, And More

Blizzard Entertainment has released the schedule for tis upcoming BlizzCon, which is taking place completely virtually for the first time in the event’s history. The two day event, dubbed BlizzConline, will have panels concerning fan favorites like Warcraft, Diablo, and the highly-anticipated Overwatch 2. While the schedule doesn’t offer too much detail about what will happen or be revealed at these panels, it does give fans an idea of what they can expect the event to focus on.

The event will kickoff on Friday February 19 at 5pm EST (2pm PST) with an hour-long opening ceremony. The ceremony will be followed by a few “What’s Next” panels for World of Warcraft and Diablo. These panels will see members of the developmental teams for both titles discussing what is next for Azeroth and Sanctuary. While it has already been confirmed that we will not be seeing Diablo 4 this year, we can still expect some news on the upcoming mobile game (Diablo Immortals) and the in-development remake of Diablo 2. Similarly, there may not be any news on a World of Warcraft expansion with Shadowlands having just launched, but we may get news on some fun patches and events coming to the game.

Diablo and Warcraft will also have “Deep Dive” panels that take a closer look at the games with the development teams as well as “Q & A” panels. While these two titles appear to be the focus for most of the event, there are also panels concerning Hearthstone and Starcraft scattered throughout the two days. This includes a “Deep Dive” on Hearthstone and a special “Starcraft Legends” panel.

The event also includes a “Behind the Scenes” panel for Overwatch 2. This will offer fans a look at what goes on in the development process for the game and see some of the work in progress. We already know that Overwatch 2 is not expected in 2021, but it is nice to see that the game is still a priority for Blizzard. There will also be panels on the voice actors behind Overwatch and a look at how the soundtrack for the game was created.

Beyond the focus on gaming titles, the event will also have some fun fan events. The “Virtual March of the Murlocs” will take place on day two and will show a music video featuring members of the Blizzard community from around the world. There will also be a “Community Showcase” that will highlight the very best art, talent, storytelling, and cosplay from the Blizzard community.

BlizzConline will be held February 19 – 20 and will be completely free to watch.

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