Bloodborne Modders Restore Removed Boss Version Of An Enemy

One of the beauties of modding is getting the chance to come up with completely new assets for a game. Whether it’s the highly popular The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nexus page, or new “Pokémon” in Pokémon Sword & Shield, mods make games far more interesting. However, modding isn’t just about adding new elements into the game. Modding can also be used to reveal unused assets that were originally planned, but scrapped at the last minute — which just so happens to be the case with Bloodborne.

Foxy Hooligans, a member of Tomb Prospector, a hacking/modding group that is dedicated to uncovering Bloodborne‘s secrets, has posted a YouTube video where he showcases an unused boss that is actually based on a common enemy in the game. Specifically, the referenced enemy is the Loran Cleric.

The Loran Cleric randomly appears in Bloodborne‘s Chalice Dungeons and uses fire attacks to deal with players. As it turns out however, before the game released, there were plans to have a boss variation of the Loran Cleric. Unfortunately, the idea was scrapped and removed from the game until the hacker group’s recent discovery.

Foxy Hooligans was able to use a jailbroken PS4 console along with a modding tool and editor to dig through the game’s files and ultimately uncover and rebuild the Loran Cleric’s boss version. Upon his discovery, Foxy Hooligans posted a video demonstrating the boss and its abilities.

Although the boss seems to exist and turn aggressive upon encountering the player, there are still some quirks in the system. For instance, the boss only stands in the middle of the room and does not move around. Another problem associated with the fight is the giant fire ring the boss creates. As the ring expands, Bloodborne‘s frame rate significantly decreases. Ultimately, the modder is able to successfully defeat the boss.

Considering that Bloodborne came out in 2015, such a discovery is rather impressive. Just how many other unused assets does the game have — and will modders be able to discover them all?

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