Blue Box Studios Thanks Hideo Kojima For "Addressing The Conspiracies", Says It’s Still Working On Abandoned

In its first tweet since April, Blue Box Studios has responded to Hideo Kojima's statement on the matter, thanking him for clearing things up and claiming that it's still hard at work on Abandoned.

Last year, a survival-horror indie game by the name of Abandoned lit the gaming world on fire after it was theorised to be some kind of Silent Hill revival that was actually being made by Hideo Kojima under the guise of a fake studio and a fake name. As fun as those theories (briefly) were, Abandoned was quickly revealed to be nothing to do with Kojima, and Blue Box Studios went completely silent on social media.

Yesterday, the latest episode of Hideo Kojima's podcast, Brain Structure, was released, which featured him talking about fake news and rumours with Geoff Keighley. In the episode, Kojima talks about the Abandoned situation for the first time, suggesting that the team needs to "hurry up" and release the game, as there's not much else it can do at this point. Kojima also offered advice to the studio on how to spin all the previous speculation and controversy as good news, saying that the best course of action is to just release something good.

Kojima's comments have now been acknowledged by Blue Box Studios on their Twitter account, the first time the studio has said anything since April. It said, "We want to thank (Hideo Kojima) for addressing the conspiracies openly. It has been a burden and not cool for both fans and developers. We hope everyone can close this for good. We are working hard on Abandoned and we would like to thank you all for your patience!"

It then followed up by asking people to stop harassing Hideo Kojima, saying, "Also, we ask fans to stop harrassing Hideo Kojima regarding Abandoned messages. This is not acceptable and is not entertaining". This is in reference to a comment that Kojima made during the podcast where he said that he still receives more than 20 messages a day regarding Abandoned.

Considering the half-a-year of silence, many assumed that Abandoned had simply been cancelled and was no longer being worked on, with Geoff Keighley even saying during the Brain Structure episode that he wasn't sure it was even a game as he wasn't shown any footage of it. Despite those assumptions, Blue Box confirms here that it's still in development, although what game is actually being made here remains unclear.

Although the Kojima rumours made up a big part of Abandoned's identity, another key part of its identity is all the controversies. Back in June, an insider claimed that Abandoned doesn't actually exist, while the lead developer Hasan Kahraman was accused of toxicity, not paying workers, and purposefully misleading fans. It was also discovered that Blue Box had announced several projects over the years in similar manners, only for them all to end up cancelled suddenly and never see the light of day, which seemed to be the case here once more when all tweets mentioning Abandoned were deleted.

It has since been claimed that those tweets were just deleted because the concept behind Abandoned had been changed, but it remains to be seen what the game actually entails. Now that one side isn't playing into the rumours of it being a Kojima game and the other has confronted and denied it, perhaps we'll get to see for ourselves sometime soon.

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