starts new lottery to buy Xbox Series X consoles today

For once scalpers won’t have an unfair advantage when new stock of the Xbox Series X drops todays, as Box begins a new ballot.

You’d hardly have noticed, but there has been a restock of the PlayStation 5 this week at GAME and other stores, but thanks to scalpers using bot software to get in quick all of it disappeared within minutes.

The same would happen if it was Xbox Series X but retailer is one of the only sellers to at least try to make things fair, after having set up a ballot system last time they had stock.

Now they’ve got more consoles and from today you can enter a new ballot, with the chance of being randomly selected for a chance to buy an Xbox Series X or S.

It’s a convoluted process but the random factor not only helps to keep things fair but, hopefully, filters out bots and scalpers.

To use the ballot you need to register your details with the site here, including signing up to their newsletter (which you can always cancel later).

Box will then select people at random later today, who will be contacted by email to organise buying the console.

Although the PlayStation 5 has been grabbing most of the headlines lately the Xbox Series X has been sold out just as much, and there was just enough stock during January to make it the best-selling console of the month in the UK.

The cheaper and less powerful Xbox Series S has been a little easier to get hold of than the other two next gen consoles, but while stock often pops up for a short time it never stays for long.

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