Breath Of The Wild Exploit Unearths 999 Korok Seeds In 10 Minutes

Breath of the Wild might be one of the most well-loved and celebrated games in recent history, but there's no arguing some of what you are tasked with makes for quite the slog. Collecting all of the game's Korok Seeds, for example. Thankfully, someone has discovered a new exploit that gets you 999 of them in less than ten minutes.

No, it isn't a glitch that will see Link speed around Hyrule picking up two seeds a second. It's an exploit detailed by YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented (thanks, GamesRadar). Before we explain how you can utilize this exploit yourself, there's some bad news. It only works in a new save. If you're 200 Korok Seeds deep and sick of hunting them out, this can't be used to top up your supply mid-game.

In fact, filling your inventory with Korok Seeds needs to take place so early in the game, Link isn't even dressed yet. Don't pop off to find something to wear either as if you do that, you will have already missed your chance to be swimming in seeds. The somewhat finicky process to get 999 Korok Seeds must begin right at the start of the game, after you have found the Sheikah Slate and left the Shrine of Resurrection.

Once you've reached this point, pick up the Woodcutter's Axe and then save the game. Jump into the lake, which should be right beside you, and that will land you your first Korok Seed. The game should then autosave, at which point you'll need to head back to the title screen and change the difficulty. Load up your manual save, drop an item, and repeat the title screen process. Then load up your manual save two more times, unequipping the axe each time.

If you have followed the video to the letter, at the end of that process you should have 999 Korok Seeds. Perfect for someone starting a new save who doesn't want to go through the arduous process of tracking them down. It's also the best possible time to restart Breath of the Wild but eliminate some of the more time-consuming tasks during your next playthrough. Plenty of time to get through the game again before Breath of the Wild 2 launches in 2023.

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