Buggsnax: How To Catch Mama Mewon

Hidden within the Bugsnax sidequests are a series of pseudo-boss fights against some one-of-a-kind superbugs. The only way to add these bugsnax to your collection is by completing quest chains for specific characters. If you’re facing off against the Mama Mewon in Flavor Falls, or if you simply need to know how to find it, here’s our Mama Mewon walkthrough.

Chandlo Tests His Might

Mama Mewon is part of Chandlo’s sidequest line. After finding Chandlo in Sugarpine Woods and convincing him to come back to Snaxburg, a new questline will be available called Chandlo Tests His Might.

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Chandlo will first ask to be fed three aggressive meaty bugsnax. The easiest way to do this is to catch three bungers in Garden Grove. Use a trail of ketchup to lead the two bungers towards each other. When they attack, you should have just enough time to trap them both before they recover. Afterwards, head to the cave that Beffica used to live in and use her sleeping bag to sleep until the next day. This will respawn the bungers and you can catch however many more you need. Return to Chandlo and feed him the bungers to finish this quest step.

Next, Chandlo will runs in circles around Snaxburg while you drop weights on him. Use the snakgrappler to aim at the weights and drop them on Chandlo just before he runs underneath them. There are seven weights and you’ll need to drop five on him. You’ll need less lead time the more weights you stack because they won’t need to fall as far. By the final weight, you’ll want to shoot when Chandlo is directly underneath it.

How To Catch Mama Mewon

For the final step of Chandlo’s quest, follow him to Flavor Falls. Chandlo will lead you across the land bridge and open the door to Mama Mewon’s arena.

The fight against Mama Mewon is fairly straightforward. First, stand in front of one of the grumbus statues that encircles Mama Mewon. The wee mewons will follow you where ever you go, and you’ll need to trap one to get Mama Mewon’s attention. Place a trap directly in front of a statue and trap a wee mewon. They’re very jumpy so it might take a couple of tries to get the timing right.

Do not pick up the trap, as this will remove the wee mewon and Mama Mewon will not attack. Leave the trap where it is and move out of the way so that Mama can charge at the statue. The statue will break and Mama will be stunned. Immediately use your skangrappler to yank one of the stalactites off of the ceiling so that it falls directly on Mama Mewon. Repeat this process two more times.

After the third attack, Mama Melon will go into a frenzy. You have to let her catch you or you won’t be able to finish the fight. When she attacks you’ll black out momentarily. When you wake up, Chandlo will run out into the arena to distract her. Just wait until she charges at Chandlo and pull a stalactite down on Mama to finish the fight. Run up and catch her with your net and feed her to Chandlo.

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