Cabin Crew Simulator Codes For November 2022 – Roblox

Cabin Crew Simulator is another excellent Roblox simulator game we've got some codes for! In this one, you're tasked with becoming a member of a professional cabin crew.

When you redeem these Cabin Crew Simulator codes you'll get a load of cash. This is used to upgrade your outfit and your cabin crew gear! Make sure to check back regularly for new codes, as there are a few updates for the game on the horizon – new updates usually mean new codes!

We checked for new codes on November 3.

All Cabin Crew Simulator Codes

CodeRewardActive / Expired
captain1,200 SkybuxActive (NEW CODE!)
turbulence1,000 SkybuxActive
triple71,500 SkybuxActive
cruising1,000 SkybuxActive
evacuate1,400 SkybuxActive
airliner1,400 SkybuxActive
wheelsup2,000 SkybuxActive
flying200 SkybuxActive
clouds100 SkybuxActive
mission1,500 SkybuxActive
takeoff150 SkybuxActive

These are all the working Cabin Crew Simulator codes. New codes are usually added with each new game update, so make sure to check back for new ones!

How To Redeem Codes In Cabin Crew Simulator

It's simple to redeem codes in Cabin Crew Simulator. Here's how.

  • Open the game
  • Hit the Present icon on the left menu
  • Enter the code
  • Hit claim
  • Enjoy your free SkyBux!

Why isn't your code working? It could be because you didn't write it properly. Roblox codes are case-sensitive – that means you need to enter them all with the correct numbers and capital letters. Or, it could be that the code is expired – you will need a new one, so check back when one pops up.

What is Cabin Crew Simulator?

Cabin Crew Simulator lets you take on the job of being an air host in a range of different aircraft. It's one of our favorite new Roblox simulator games! You'll need to do all the pre-flight checks, keep your passengers happy during the flight, and make sure that everything goes smoothly. As you earn more money you can buy bigger and better airplanes – it's more fun, but it also makes your job harder!

Latest Update

The latest update for Cabin Crew Simulator is a big one – it adds a brand-new aircraft, Paris as a destination, better plane animations (especially during takeoff and landing), and loads of other new missions to complete. Check out more on the official game page.

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