Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War New Zombies Map Trailer Drops

Firebase Z, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies map is rolling out across the board in exactly one week on February 4 for free. So, naturally, Treyarch is amping up the hype train with a brand new trailer, and there’s a lot to unpack.

“Requiem, welcome to Vietnam,” Captain Ravenoff says before the group of players jumps right into the purple portal. The team is here and they are ready to rescue Samantha Maxis from the clutches of Omega Group.

As speculated, the Wonder Weapon was hiding in plain sight all along, right on the cover of the 115-day info dump in the hands of Bulldozer. But, the reveals don’t end there, as Treyarch also shared a look at a gigantic zombie monster shooting a purple laser from its head along with a Panzer-looking miniboss.

What is this new Wonder Weapon? Perhaps it’s the heavily rumored Ray-rifle. After all, it looks like a modified tactical or assault rifle, now with purple lasers running right down the barrel and cells in its magazine. The bullets it spews explode outwards in a purple wave, likely linked to Dark Aether crystals that are, funnily enough, purple. Perhaps that’s what is powering the portal between the village and facility as well.

We also get a look at the new jump pads teased in the posters dropped by Treyarch yesterday on Instagram and Twitter, one of which sends you flying into the air and through a ruined part of a satellite dish – lucky for us that there’s a gaping hole in it.

Then, there’s a crisp, HD look at the Tombstone Soda perk machine with the player grabbing a can and taking a sip. The gigantic monster and Panzer lookalike were not teased prior to the trailer’s release – only the one-headed Margwa – but what significance they play is unclear, although it will likely tie into the Samantha Maxis easter egg. “Weaver, I’m still in the field – I have to meet a contact.” Who is her contact? Is it Ravenoff? Or is it someone more familiar? All will be revealed next Thursday.

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